A Relictor Ancient- a WIP

It’s no secret that I love the old White Dwarf magazines, especially the ones around 2004-2005 when you had all the mad shit going down with the Inquisition and Sisters of Battle range, large manic battle reports and some pretty random articles mixed in. While I don’t hate the way that things are with the magazine these days, I read a lot of the beloved issues back in the day and still enjoy going back to them for inspiration and tips.

As I mentioned in a previous lore post, my main point of reference for the Relictors is White Dwarf #295, where they featured in Chapter Approved. This was the first time that I had encountered these Space Marines outside of the Armageddon codex, getting a taste of what a renegade Space Marine army was like.

standard bearer

Chapter Approved laid out the ground rules for using a Relictors army, and featured some relics that these Space Marines could take. Characters could have anything from a Dark Blade to a Pandemic Staff, to a Dread Axe even, all through the roll of a D6 before the game. What was also interesting is that the same applied to banners. Now, this was all under the notion that the player would have both the Space Marine and Chaos Space Marine codices to hand, one for selecting their army and the other to find out what bizarre side effects theses relics would conjure.

“Just as the senior members of the Relictors bear Daemon weapons to war, so too does the Chapter make use of captured banners, icons and standards, believing the unholy powers bound within these relics can be turned upon their erstwhile masters.” (pg. 73, White Dwarf #295)

This acted as an upgrade to a standard bearer, and so I thought that I would take the opportunity to customise a figure that I plan on using. I have put together an ancient for use in the backfield, making use of some extra pieces from the Blood Angels kit, sternguard kit and some old command squad gubbins that were lying around. In the spirit of the old mags, he is equipped with a Chaos banner.

The icon for Chaos Undivided is quite grisly, however it was the least offensive of the four available that I could find. Sure there’s an Imperial Guard skull and helmet lodged on the top, but the Relictors have slain members of the Guard in the past. If anything, they probably would have scoffed when they saw it!

I got the icon itself from eBay, the rest being built from spares. Gradually I’m wanting to whittle down the amount of loose marine parts that are kicking about and maximise any customisation and kitbashing that I can, maybe extending to creating a lieutenant or two as well. Time for painting has been minimal with exams popping up here and there, hence the small assembly projects on the side, but I plan to resume this coming week.

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Relictor Terminator Librarian

Picking an HQ is an awkward choice I feel. At least, it is for me. I’m indecisive in this regard and weigh the pros and cons of each again and again until it drives me mad. I used to be fairly chaplain-leaning in my old Black Templar days, and to this day I miss that dinky metal miniature, ugly as he was.

I love GW’s librarian sculps, I think they have a tremendous amount of detail and hit that stride of arcane and military just right. In recent years I also started to dig terminators, so a librarian in terminator armour was the logical choice. I built this guy last year and with all the chaos (not literal Chaos, but close) going on in my house, it’s taken a sizeable while to paint him.

One part of Relictor lore that I like relates to their organisation, and their love of librarians. They supposedly have more than other Chapters, certainly more than they should have (some attribute this to the Relictors being so geographically close to the Eye of Terror). Here the librarians screen potential new recruits, looking for those with the strongest will to be welcomed into the Chapter. It echoes of the Exorcists a tad too, although those guys tend to over-recruit more than anything.

In the case of our librarian here, he carries with him a daemon staff and several heretical texts. He is literally covered in relics, if we count the terminator armour too. I like having it for some added survivability, in theory anyway, even if the character inside is somewhat on the squishy side! I do look forward to using him in future battles, as I have never had a reason to field one in the Black Templars.

Not owning any terminators to run the librarian with, I think he can accompany my other upcoming veteran unit- more about these guys in the weeks to follow. Thanks for reading.

Tactical Squad 2

The second tactical squad was modelled loosely on the first, a mix-and-match with some Chaos and Blood Angels armour for an extra gothic feel. Heretical scrolls adorn a few of the battle-brothers’ armour while others have smaller brass decorations on their armour and bolters, perhaps spoils looted from an alter in a Chaotic shrine on one of the worlds they dropped in on.

I’d planned in advance to have a squad of devastators take up lascannon duty, so these guys were going to be my melta crew. I’m intending on building a rhino for this squad to get them to where they need to be on the battlefield so they can unleash molten death on the enemy, without worrying too much about the meltagun’s short range.

I continue to be undecided on the bases, however I am brainstorming and have a few ideas about how to make them look more interesting. It’ll be a case of trial and error I’m sure, and it’s one of the aspects of the hobby that I never used to bother about years ago; I always got by with some model train terrain flock and a pot of green paint!

In the meantime I have some detail work to finish on the ironclad dread, as well as the librarian who is creeping ever closer to being completed!

Tactical Squad 1

Over the past few weeks, finding the time to work on the army has been tricky, especially when RE2 was released in late January. It’s been a busy time with studying and work too, and I fell out of the loop with regular painting sessions. However, I realised that I am due to post how the tactical squads turned out, so consider this part 1 of 2.

The other afternoon I managed to power through the remainder of the bases for the tactical squads, and am happy to say that they are both finished. The goal for modelling these guys was to make them appear a little sinister, as if they had been scouring the worlds around the Eye of Terror and plundering Chaotic odds and ends. Also, I wanted each marine to appear individual while maintaining that cohesion within the squad.

This tactical squad was my plasma gun/plasma cannon/combi-plasma loadout. I’m a big fan of plasma weaponry, both how it looks and how it works in-game, so this is my go-to weapon set for a group of ten. I mixed in pieces from the Blood Angels tactical box to give some of the battle-brothers’ armour a more ornate look, painting any blood-droplet iconography to resemble the odd stud/decoration/gem. While initially building these guys, I generally avoiding adding any piece of armour that leaned too far into Blood Angels territory, i.e: any blood droplet insignia that couldn’t be comfortably removed with a modelling knife.

So for this week, I’ll be working on the ironclad dreadnought, and also getting the second squad written up and posted.

[note: I realised too late that I forgot to paint the boltgun barrels haha]

Odds & Ends

Part of this project was to be building a small army on a bit of a budget, and while I haven’t been going to massive lengths to dodge costs entirely (I’ve bought one or two kits in the last 6 months) I’m still making use of odds, ends and spares from the ol’ bitz box. I have a real indecision problem when it comes to HQ choices and had to assemble a Captain after finding one of my old MKII veterans two weeks ago.

This Relictor Captain is part MKII veteran with a banner from the tactical kit. The loose grav pistol and Chaos sword were kicking about the bitz box and made decent additions to the fella. In game terms it could maybe count as a Burning Blade relic for the sake of representing the weapon of the enemy. I always liked the MKII kits when GW were selling them in finecast, as they had some badass details and poses. In the end it’s added a fairly sinister leader to the army and I’m excited to get him painted up.

The ironclad in the pic below is a leftover from a previous army that was primed but never really started. He’s equipped with dual flamers for mass pest control, and now has a tome of ancient (and potentially dangerous) texts mounted on his right arm. In the wake of finishing the two tactical squads, painting this guy has certainly been a breath of fresh air!

Above is an Inquisitor that was in one of my first posts, in July of 2018. He was a purchase that I made in panic during a period when GW were removing a lot of the best-looking models from their site (daemonhosts were one for the chop, among a few of the Inquisition range alone). Just now getting around to painting him up, he’s filling a role of breaking up the dreadnought painting when things get slow. Much like the Relictors, his pool of paints is staying quite limited and hopefully this will tie him in with the army more.

Take care and catch you all next time, when hopefully I’ll get some pics of the squads on the go.


Starting Up Again for 2019

The holiday season is over and done with for another year, I have a week off on the horizon and university is still just warming up after the break. Due to what proved to be a heavy December both work-wise and with an extra layer of coursework shovelled on top, time to build/paint/etc was limited. In the last few weeks I’ve been keen to chip away at some stuff when nuggets of time appeared, and have bashed out a sizeable chunk of what was keeping my second set of tactical marines from being complete.

The last few guys got a lick of paint before the decals were started. It’s been pretty painless this time around, and what is normally the worst part of the model-constructing process for me has been a breeze so far. All that’s left of the squad is for some finer details (painting cabling and some text on parchments and armour, etc) and then painting up the bases, which can be done in the space of an afternoon.

With the beginning of 2019 came the promise of some additional units for the Relictors too. There may or may not be some sternguard veterans on the way, presenting an opportunity to decorate their armour with all manner of esoteric artefacts, and a new/old dreadnought salvaged from the depths of one of our few remaining partially unopened boxes from moving 6 months ago. He was previously of an older project that I had going years ago but never found the time to paint him up, and I kinda feel sorry for neglecting him so.

My sister was also kind enough to buy me a Chaos rhino for Christmas, so we have a mode of transportation to assemble, and a sprue of Chaotic gubbins to decorate the old dread with. Plus, I’m still working through my bitz box and am contemplating building a Captain with what I’ve found, however it’s still early days at this point. Having a decent break off from doing painting over the last few months, it’s time to get battering through this again.

Catch you all next time, and Happy New Year if I haven’t spoken to you yet!

Tactical Squads/Librarian WIP

Over the last few weeks, I have been putting the finishing touches on my first Relictor tactical squad. This has included the usual battle with decals and all that sort of rubbish that comes with it (I hate GW’s old decal sheets). I might revisit this squad and add some variation to their bases other than grass tufts, but in the meantime I figured that I should press onward with the second. I’ll definitely get some pics of the finished squads when I get the rest of the troops finished.

With my Terminator Librarian, I just keep plugging away, bit by bit. It seems like a never-ending process with this guy, but there are lots of little details and layers to build up with these Librarian models, so I don’t feel as bad. I added the Relictor decal to his should pad too, and he seems to fit in with the rest of the gang. There’s still a little way to go with him, but here’s a teaser for now:

This was just a quick update for now, I’ll hopefully get another update post done before too long. Catch you all next time!