Tactical Squads/Librarian WIP

Over the last few weeks, I have been putting the finishing touches on my first Relictor tactical squad. This has included the usual battle with decals and all that sort of rubbish that comes with it (I hate GW’s old decal sheets). I might revisit this squad and add some variation to their bases other than grass tufts, but in the meantime I figured that I should press onward with the second. I’ll definitely get some pics of the finished squads when I get the rest of the troops finished.

With my Terminator Librarian, I just keep plugging away, bit by bit. It seems like a never-ending process with this guy, but there are lots of little details and layers to build up with these Librarian models, so I don’t feel as bad. I added the Relictor decal to his should pad too, and he seems to fit in with the rest of the gang. There’s still a little way to go with him, but here’s a teaser for now:

This was just a quick update for now, I’ll hopefully get another update post done before too long. Catch you all next time!


Azazel’s August Painting Challenge

Painting up the tactical squad has been a lot of fun so far, although in the last two weeks my time with them has seemed to decrease. Mainly work getting in the way when it really shouldn’t, and losing out on even a tiny 30 minute painting window some days is just annoying.

With time ticking, I thought that I would get these two mean bastards ready for inspection. These are my entries for Azazel’s painting challenge for August, and in this case I’m showing that I’ve finally managed to kinda get the hang of doing plasma cells. I’m not 100% sure why I’ve never been able to do this right until now, but I have to thank our host for setting such a challenge and pushing me to practice this!

First attempt was the plasma gun marine. I liked the look of this guy even before he was primed, a Relictor cheekily wielding a Chaos plasma gun, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. To show there’s some difference between the Imperial and Chaos weaponry, I figured I would paint them up different colours. The plasma gun got blue cells with a grey glow first of all, and as it was my first attempt and shows no subtlety whatsoever with the drybrushing. It can at least look more mental and therefor Chaotic!

Secondly was the big guy. Previously I mentioned that I had taken this marine from the remnants of my old Space Marine army, one of the few that had been primed but not painted. I really wanted this guy to see the light of day as I love the pose and just how much bigger he is than his battle-brothers, so I brought him in. To show an Imperial plasma cannon, I went with green cells and a gentle white highlight. Despite being a larger weapon, it looks more subdued (is this the best word?) than its smaller counterpart.

Another part of the challenge was to show some basing techniques, so I’ve been using reptile sand on my bases, primed with the model and painted brown. When it dried, it got a drybrush highlight and a grass tuft from one of GW’s basing kits, which I only stumbled upon again after moving house! I did some reading into basing prior to this, as I was previously inclined to painting bases green and gluing old model railway turf to them. Not the most exciting bases by any stretch but happy with the result!

Tactical Squad part 3

I’d since been dividing my time between building and painting, but now that both tactical squads are assembled it’s painting all the way. I’ve been enjoying working on these guys so far, it’s just finding the time to get going that’s the problem- I never seem to be away from bloody work this week!

So this is more of a WIP than anything else. The first of two squads are taking shape, with 7 of the 10 marines looking close to being finished (still need to paint bases afterwards too, different story for a different day). It feels good to have found a paint scheme that seems to be hassle-free and enjoyable too; I’d never really liked painting in the past, it always seemed quite daunting.

Pictured are the latest 4 that I’ve been working on, accompanied by the HQ. I grabbed the plasma cannon marine from the small box of my previous army, thankfully he was already primed black and could be brought in to the Relictors quickly. In a bid to make the rest of the squad look more gothic, I had dug out some extra pieces that were lying in the bitz box. These included some Grey Knights and Space Marine command squad extras, just to make them look a bit more visually interesting.

As for the Librarian- he’s a constant work in progress! I have been switching to him when the tactical marines are drying, just to break up the monotony. While it’s true I’ve just painted him like a big Relictor, he has some features that stand out- his daemon staff for one thing! I spent a little time tidying up some of the paintwork on his armour and robes, and put in some time on the sergeant as his armour is more decorated than the other troops.

I shall keep updating as I go along, many thanks for reading.

5 Bitesize Relictor Lore Chunks

I promised some Relictor lore and have been meaning to write up a post since. While there’s not been a great deal written about the Chapter by GW’s writers, there is a decent backstory worth telling. Rather than regurgitate the tale in full, I thought I would serve up some of the main chunks for your enjoyment.

They started out under a different name

Beginning life as the Fire Claws, the Chapter that would become the Relictors started as one of the Adeptus Praeses- a number of Chapters built to help guard the space around the Eye of Terror. When a Space Hulk spewed from the Warp, the Fire Claws would investigate and do battle with the Chaos warband onboard. Alongside Inquisitor De Marche, a group of Terminators led by Librarian Decario fought and eventually killed a Chaos Champion with his own daemonic sword.

They don’t get on with the Inquisition

With the exception of De Marche, the Relictors have a less than sterling relationship with the Inquisition. This could be because of their love of hunting for Chaotic artefacts with their favourite radical Inquisitor, or their decision to keep doing so even after being hauled up and told off for it. The Inquisition would have De Marche executed for what they saw as a form of corruption on the scale of a whole Space Marine Chapter. The Relictors would continue to add daemonic weapons to their collection, in one instance even killing Imperial Guard and Inquisition forces that were guarding some undesirable relics.


Ramilies-class starfort, Games Workshop.

They live (or lived) in a sky-fortress

Situated above the planet of Torva Minoris (known locally as Neutra), the Chapter stayed in orbit in a Ramilies-class star fort, a dwelling that was said to have an unnatural veil of darkness and gloom shrouded over it. Deep within the fortress lay a chamber protected by adamantium doors and stasis fields, where one can imagine the Chapter stored their arsenal of Chaotic weaponry. Since being excommunicated and having their star fort shot to pieces, what’s left of the Chapter have remained fairly fleet-based.

They were on Armageddon

As part of their penance crusade, the Relictors would commit all 10 companies to Armageddon to help combat the Ork hordes. Ignoring all orders from their allies, they would stay in the jungles situated close to a pyramid known as Angron’s Monolith. Claiming to be hunting feral Orks, the Relictors spent a suspicious amount of time in this area before leaving the battle prematurely. This move would piss off most of their fellow Space Marines across Armageddon, including Dante of the Blood Angels and General Kurov of the Imperial Guard.


They were covered in Chapter Approved, for God’s sake!

In White Dwarf #295, the Relictors got their own section in Chapter Approved. There was a short story of an Inquisitor getting his revenge on the Chapter for a previous attack, and some special rules allowing a Relictors army to take daemon weapons and Chaotic banners, as well as a selection of relics made available to these guys and their radical Inquisitor allies. It’s a pretty damn good read, and was really interesting to see them get a write up like that.


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Pulling Out the Heavies from the Bitz Box

In the last few days I’ve been basing a lot of marines, and the weather has been nice enough to get them primed. Seeing as there’s been some progress over the last week with painting up the first of two tactical squads, I thought I would take a break this evening and have a search through my bitz box.

I’m not 100% sure that I even like going in there sometimes, but it had to be done. There’s tactical sprues propping up the lid, balancing on top of a sprue of Grey Knight weaponry, nestled among some old command squad bitz, and it’s just an eyesore. That being said, there’s some usable stuff in there and it was time to get these pieces into play. Finding some parts for the sergeant was easy as there tends to be loads of leftovers when it comes to building a squad leader, however at this point in time I am undecided on what left hand to give him.

So I started thinking what a small 1,000 point army might need, and one thing was heavy support. I knew there were a couple of devastator sprues kicking about, at least one of the older and one of the newer, and that they would still have their lascannons intact (in a previous Space Marine army I veered away from them, too pricey), and also found some of the heads from the newer kit too.

The leftovers from the Blood Angel tactical kit provided the legs and some torsos, while my small stash of Dark Angel and Chaos accessories added that darker, more gothic feel to the squad. This ties them in with the general feel of the rest of the troops at least. A spur-of-the-moment move came from taking the heavy weapon specialist from the Dark Vengeance box and fitting a lascannon to his stout frame, but he fits in reasonably well with the rest of the guys.

I’m pleased with how these four turned out- true, there’s nothing adventurous here but it cleared out some of the bitz box, rid me of some sprues (I can close the bitz box properly now) and provided this small army with a heavy support choice that I would probably have shelled out £20 for. All that’s left is to go scavenging for pieces of the fifth marine and they’ll be done- I just really, really hate building lascannons, and it’s quite late in the day.

Next time I’ll be showing an update of the first of two tactical squads, and will share some of the Chapter lore too. Thanks for visiting!

Tactical Squad WIP

This is just a brief work in progress to wrap up today. So I’ve been painting the first of two tactical squads for the past few weeks, starting with a group of five marines. I tested out the paint scheme on a couple of Dark Vengeance marines a while back, trying varying shades of grey and different colours of primer to see what would look closest to GW’s picture of a Relictor marine:


Relictors Chapter colour scheme- White Dwarf #295, Games Workshop.

I’ve been relying on washes quite a lot to add more depth to the armour through shading, rather than relying on a regime of agonising edge-highlighting that I used to have to suffer through painting my Black Templars all those years ago! It’s been quite interesting painting in this way, using more of the washes and trying out some of the lesser used paint pots. I even found a pot of ‘undercoat black’ by GW that gives everything a shiny black liquid coat- perfect for shoulder pads, and potentially a daemon blade some time down the line.


I was looking forward to painting up the marine with the Chaos plasma gun, so had a crack at him not long after starting. I had my eye on this guy as part of Azazel’s Technical August Challenge, giving me practice with painting plasma glow and drybrushing (which I’ve somehow managed to become rubbish at after a couple of years out the hobby- dunno how). As for the rest of this evening, I managed to clean up some stray paint marks on the guys, add some shading to everyone’s purity seals and even put some time in to the Terminator Librarian, who has joined his grey-armoured brethren and is just awaiting some much needed metal colouring.

I’ll update with more pics as we progress through the weekend. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

More Troops for the Cause

I admit that I have a huge issue when it comes to bitz. I like saying ‘bitz’, I like perusing eBay for bitz, and I like making little lists of shit that I need or can use as if I’m wandering through a junkyard. In this past week in the runup until payday, I’ve somehow been managing to keep a lid on it.

While I have been resisting the urge to buy more plastic crack, I realised that I do still need a second tactical squad for the army. I’m still a firm believer in the old ‘2x troops/1x HQ’ as rule of thumb when starting out, and I like to think it gives a project some balance to it. Recently however, I have been thinking about purchasing bitz from the Blood Angel tactical kit, which I’ve always thought just looks so badass. Rather than buy everything individually though, I thought it would make sense to pick up the kit and see what I could do with it.

Not everything in here was going to be of massive use to a non-Blood Angel, but the majority of the kit turned out to be a trove of bitz, and does fairly compliment the leftover vanilla marine sprues that are littering my model space. I broke the kit down into sections; stuff I could use, stuff that would need some scraping/filing, and stuff that was just too Blood Angel intense (I’m talking BA-droplet-insignia-lodged-in-the-smallest-places kind of pieces). Below is a pic of the squad, mid-build.

Stopping short of throwing everything in there at once, I kinda used the kit to pepper some gothic touches into the tactical squad. The guys have also been treated to some goodies from the spares bag, such as some scrolls from the Thousand Sons and Black Templars kits to act as heretical texts and Chaotic writings. I’m looking forward to getting some paint on this squad if the weather ever improves enough to get them primed!

So there we have it, a brief update for today. In the background, I’ve been painting up the first squad of tactical marines and still fine-tuning the recipe. I’ll have some pics of them ready for the next instalment.