Tactical Squad part 2 (& Librarian)

All was quiet whilst waiting for a delivery of bitz, and today they finally arrived. I had planned a conversion for an HQ choice, which also arrived today! After a bit of back and forth, I decided to go with the Librarian in Terminator armour. The Relictors are known for having more Librarians than they should, so bringing in one of these powerful psykers seemed like the obvious choice. Plus, I really loved the model and had done for a while.

I wanted this Librarian to be one of the shady figures from the Chapter’s Conclave, learning about the mysteries of Chaotic weaponry and being entrusted to carry one of their deadly artefacts into battle. His staff was from a Chaos Terminator Lord kit and I think it actually fits the model quite well! I look forward to painting this character up in the weeks to come.

With the Librarian built, I pushed on with the renegade tactical squad. I had been mixing in some parts from Dark Vengeance, alongside some extras that I had picked up on the cheap online. I enjoy peppering some accessories into a squad to try and give them more character, and in this instance it was a bunch of bitz from a few different Chaos kits.

I began to think of the Relictors fleeing from the Grey Knights and the Inquisition, having recently been declared Excommunicate Traitoris. They might have gathered what artefacts they could before fleeing into the Eye of Terror. In this case, I wanted to show their armour decorated with parchments, heretic scrolls, and some armour segments taken from their fallen enemies. One battle-brother holds in his grasp a plasma gun liberated from Chaotic forces during the 13th Black Crusade.

The next step for these guys will be to base them and then apply the spray basecoat. I hope to get this done this week and began a regular painting routine, but I’ll let you know how that goes!

Tactical Squad part 1

I’ve recently moved house and uncovered some modelling boxes that haven’t seen the light of day for a good while! Some of these need clearing out, either through use or just going straight in the bin, and it’s my goal to use up a lot of the loose odds and ends that have accumulated over the years.

Raiding the Dark Vengeance box has been one of the ideas to build this army on a bit of a budget. I bought it a few years back because I liked the cultists but have never really found use for anything else. This might sound like a waste of money and it probably was, being at a stage back then where I was just buying stupid shit for no reason.

First thing was to use some of the marines as paint testers. I wasn’t looking forward to figuring out the recipe; I think painting is my weakest area and it really starts to show, normally when I apply paint to anything. I tried a few methods and think I’ve found a way to paint these guys that is both swift but also looks tidy and presentable.

Something else was found at the bottom of the box today, this being an Inquisitor model I’d bought whilst contemplating an Inquisitorial warband way back when. This guy is definitely one of my favourite models in the 40k range and given that we’re working on a Space Marine Chapter that was directed towards their fate by a radical Inquisitor, I figured this could be that Inquisitor. I don’t recall seeing any specific artwork that dictates Inquisitor De Marche’s appearance, so I guess it’s fairly open to interpretation. Although I won’t be fielding him as an actual part of the army, I thought it was pretty cool to add him in, as it was De Marche that convinced the Chapter to study Chaotic artefacts and so played quite a large part in their history (we’ll look into this Inquisitor in a future instalment however!)


So began work on the first of two tactical squads, being spoiled for choice with the leftover heavy weapons from an old devastator kit. It’s good to see muscle memory can still assemble a Space Marine after a few years off! I added a good handful of purity seals to the troops and one or two parchments to some of the shoulder pads with the intention of painting these up to look like various texts (potentially heretical, knowing those Relictors!) With half the squad complete, it was shaping up quite nicely.

I then grabbed a beer and sat down to write this ramble. I’ll catch you all next time.

Game of Scavenging

In a previous incarnation of 40k, I was a keen Black Templar player and pretty much just bought models on a whim. This created a large hole in my bank account, not to mention a large collection of models that seemed to take ages to work through, turning the hobby into a bit of a workload.

A few years have passed, I have a family and have just moved house. It was because of the move that I rediscovered my old White Dwarf mags, and why I’m plummeting back into building. I’ve been reading and listening to a chunk of Relictors lore (in actual fact there isn’t much at all) and learning about how these renegade collectors of Chaotic artefacts operate. It started making me think about how to approach this.

command squad

I plan to utilise my bitz box. It’s easy to forget that there’s a reason a specific sprue was cast in there, or why none of this shit has been put up for sale yet. There’s some heavy weaponry sprues in there, some close combat weapons, leftover marines torsos and armour, you name it. My main lightbulb moment came when I realised that there’s still 95% of a Dark Vengeance kit in there… Chaos weapons galore, including a daemon sword.

Leading on from bitz boxes, I had previously made use of bitz sellers online. It almost became like an addiction (what part of this hobby isn’t?), picking up pieces after a moment of inspiration, searching for that piece for the perfect conversion. This is something that I might continue on with, and would help to use up those leftovers from the bitz box too.

This isn’t going to be a massive project, nor do I want it to spiral into one! Picking up the odd kit here and there, making use of unpainted models from past projects, taking pieces from my mountain of spares and generally doing some smart online shopping will hopefully keep my outgoings slim. This weekend will be spent combing the leftover sprues in the box, scavenging what I can in true Relictors fashion.

“Strength of will, courage of will” as they say.



Into the Vault

I’ve just come back to 40k after a few years now, having been inspired upon discovering some old issues of White Dwarf and a bitz box overflowing with gubbins whilst preparing to move house. This started the wheels in motion for a new project, although it wasn’t until flicking through the battered pages of issue #295 that it came better into focus.  The Chapter Approved in this issue was that of the Relictors, a Chapter that was quite unknown to me but seemed to have a sinister backstory.


The Chapter is known for their studying and wielding of daemon weapons in combat, a practice that was somewhat encouraged by a radical Inquisitor after the Space Marines helped to slay a Champion of Chaos with his own sword. Throughout their time in the 40k universe, they have killed Inquisition forces for daemon weaponry; they famously ignored ally orders during the Third War for Armageddon, in order to hold position near a suspected relic location; and finally, after being excommunicated, they managed to give the slip to the mighty Grey Knights, despite taking heavy casualties at their hands.

You can expect some ramblings, some rants about the game, a good chunk of lore on the Relictors, including their history, homeworld, beliefs and war style, and there will be some battle reports coming up in the future too. Reading these old White Dwarf issues is giving me some idea of how I would like this small army to develop. Feel free to share any comments or questions in the coming weeks and I’ll be sure to get back to you.