Cultist Scumbags, pt.4

We passed the point of no return ages ago. We now sit at 29 completed, with 1 left to paint, and then I’ll have to sort out what to do with the bases. Furthermore, the Cawdor box had a few leftover gubbins so I’ve kinda gotten away with adding armour plates, bullet belts and the odd mad knife to some of their 40k brethren. This had helped with changing up the doublers a little, as well as mixing up the colours of their rags and tunics.

As for colour schemes, I’ve been borrowing colour combinations from the cultists on the back of the Dark Vengeance box as well as henchmen from various video games, such as Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 4. It’s safe to say though that I’m reaching the end of my sanity and goodwill towards these guys!

While the washes were drying, I started to get stuck in to the Word Bearers and began dry brushing some of the big guys’ armour. After a few issues involving a duff can of spray primer, they are (thankfully) back on track and I’m excited about moving on to the Chaos Space Marine squad hopefully in the next week.

So it looks like the entire horde of 30 cultists will make it for Azazel’s Squaddie September challenge, so I’ll be sure to do one last post soon for them once their bases are tidied up. Until then, take care.


Building Stuff

This week I wanted to dilute the painting process and do some building. Painting waves of cultists is heaps of fun, however I had a hankering to try my hand at the new havocs kit and picked it up on Tuesday. For the most part, it’s a fantastically detailed kit and the squad looks brutal and imposing.

It suffers some of the same issues that the Chaos Space Marines squad kit does, the main one being the underlying “don’t try and deviate from the instruction manual- who the hell do you think you are?” kind of problem. I played it safe and only tinkered with the champ, giving him one of the older helmets, because everyone and their dog has the same unhelmeted, grumpy-faced havoc champ leading their team. I also gave him a boltgun, to save some points.

It’s also coming nearer the time for planning how to paint the actual marines and the other armoured monstrosities. Finding a couple of the chosen from the mostly-empty Dark Vengeance box in my possession, I threw this duo together to for test painting. The power armour stage is going to be interesting as I’m still unsure what shade to go for. A darker shade, as demonstrated by some of my cultists, turns purple under a black ink wash. A lighter shade would look closer to some of my favourite Word Bearer artwork, but we’ll see what happens with the two test models.

I’ll be jumping back into painting in the next few days, and I’ll be posting another update before reaching the end of the cultist horde. See you next time.

Cultist Scumbags, pt.3

Part 3 of my painting update sees the balance tip as more than half of the scummers have been painted up. As of this weekend, I sit at 17 cultists finished, 2 in progress and 10 just based and awaiting priming. I can’t actually prime until the weather stops being psychotic though.

I’ve been quite lazy with the photos in the last few posts- there’s just so many of these bastards now! Once the whole gang is done I can start taking more pics. For now, I’m just taking what pics I can while working away. I gave the obliterators a basing too, although they are quite far back the painting line at this time- all the models with power armour will come soon.

The biggest challenge so far has been trying to keep the cultists looking individual and unified all at once. I’m enjoying not painting to a uniform and just picking colours on the fly (apart from the traitor guard), and this is helping a bunch when coming across duplicates in the horde.

Well, that’s it for another update- thanks for reading.

Cultist Scumbags, pt.2

I can see myself painting cultists for the rest of the month. It’s not a bad thing, I’m actually enjoying the process; I am really aware that there’s only 13 down and still 17 of the buggers to go though. Basing can wait until the end (I may regret basing 30 guys at once).

What’s new- I picked up a box of Necromunda gangers, Cawdor Gang members, and built them up to be autogun-slinging traitors, and secured the remaining few cultists that I needed from an eBay lot. This included the fearsome chappy that I’ve been referring to as ‘Cook’, the brute with the flamer from the Dark Vengeance set.

Switching from cultist to traitor guard to hive ganger has helped break the monotony greatly, and it makes a huge difference from painting regular Space Marines. I’m trying to batch paint in trios- a difficult task due to each cultist having their own details and trinkets, and me being easily distracted and wanting to paint everything in sight as and when it appears!

I have the outline of my army and what I’m aiming for now too- 1000pts, and then I’ll be taking them out into the big bad world. A small chunk of this count has been taken up by a pair of obliterators that arrived some time last week- brutal models that I couldn’t say no to- and I have most of my list in the queue for painting now.

But that’s that for this update- thanks for dropping by.

Cultist Scumbags, pt.1

Most recently, I’ve been working on my cultists and trying out a method of painting that I haven’t used much before. I’ve been using drybrushing on these guys, followed by a few lovely watery washes in an attempt to get the scumbags painted up sharply. Because of the rag-tag appearance of the models that make up their number, I’ve stuck with a limited palette of colours and tried to unify them in a way. The traitor guard are all decked out in ex-militia garb and so are more inclined to look alike, whereas the hive-dwelling zealots get their colours depending on how lazy I’m feeling with the paints.

It’s worth noting that for now I have 17 cultists: 10 of the bog-standard box-of-5-fellas, and 7 of the Blackstone Fortress traitor guard. I aim to get a box of 10 gangers from one of the Necromunda kits to fill in some bodies, and then I’ll need to find a final 3 to bring my mob up to 30 cultists. This, exhaustively, will form the first of my troops choices for a battle-forged Word Bearers list, running alongside my Chaos Marines squad.

I’m still sticking to the rule of keeping the army small, however. While the cultists kinda rely on large numbers, the rest of the army can hold their own with less bodies. I intend on having a fairly bare bones army (at least to begin with) so that I can get into games quicker, maybe mid-autumn. With 2x Troops choices, I’ll be looking at HQ and Heavy Support and then try to start getting games in.

That’s looking forward, though. There’s still a good deal of painting to get through before we get there!

Followers of the Word

So over the last week or two, I’ve been gradually assembling the Chaos Space Marine kit. The options are fantastic and I’m taken aback by what can be done with these guys. In some regards I do still prefer to use the old heads and have mixed the squad with older armour pieces because those goofy helmets always kind of defined the Chaos marines for me years ago. I’m leaning towards grabbing a box of Havocs in the future too and seeing what goodies they come with.

I think there’s still room for improvement with the kit though: the bits were really all over the sprues and not where you’d expect them to be (little organisation to where the pieces were placed, segments no. 29 next to 74, etc), and it was like assembling some mad puzzle at times. It’s a minor gripe, but the kit really did live up to its Chaotic namesake… do follow the instructions!

The other side of the coin here is the cultists- I had a bunch of them from Dark Vengeance that have gone AWOL since moving house a year ago. GW’s most recent box of 5 only works so far (I got two of them, only built the one box in this pic) so I ended up wrangling some of the Blackstone Fortress traitor guard miniatures to bulk out the numbers and provide a flamer.

My plan with the cultists is to prime some of them black, some grey, and some red and go to town with drybrushing and washes, rather than agonising over each one; these are the cheap, crappy troops after all, and I’m really digging them. I can’t wait to see this rabble in all their menacing, filthy rags.

When the weather is nicer I intend to start priming outside. Until then, it’s a whole load of bases that need worked on! Catch you all next time.

Starting out- Word Bearers

I enjoyed some time off this week and managed to get away for a holiday with the family. Reading material came in the form of the CSM codex and it was quite the eye-opener. In my quest for a small project, I was reading up on the traitor legions and their histories and originally I had thought of doing an Emperor’s Children warband. After a few reads I wasn’t getting that excited about the lore; the noise marines are a badass unit, and the pink and black armour is an awesome scheme, but they’re not for me. I wanted something a bit darker and with an emphasis on both mutations and cultists in the lore.


Also, they can be a right bloody expense if you want to play noise marines! a) You have to buy the CSM squad kit, and b) buy the noise marine upgrade kit, at least 2 of them to cover a squad of 10. And also, c), when you crack open that CSM kit, the Emperor’s Children didn’t get a space on the decal sheet, so more expense if you don’t fancy freehanding. This was the final nail, as they say.

The Word Bearers offer the fanatical madness of a Chaos warband, a heavy use of zealous cult meatshields, and a dash of daemonic possession. Some parts of their lore is brutal, where they are basically punished by the Emperor for their fanatical devotion of him and driven into the arms of Chaos. I intend to do a lore chunks post some time down the line, for sure.

For now, here’s the beginnings of my humble warband. This will be staying as a small project, and I intend to be harsh with this rule! I have my helbrute from Dark Vengeance and the first few Chaos marines assembled so far and am really looking forward to slapping some paint on them all.

So yeah, watch this space!