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Lady Galadriel

These last few weeks, I’ve made it my goal to power through my Elves, in particular my Lothlorien force. The leader I chose back when starting this army was Lady Galadriel, one of the characters I found most interesting in the films and books.

I got this mini, “the Protectress of Lothlorien”, (as it was called) version, on eBay ages ago for next to nothing. Figuring it to be the moment when she is giving her dark queen speech to Frodo by the mirror, I decided to give her the laziest paint job I could, and kept her in various shades of grey. This also served the purpose of making her stand out more from the rank and file Wood Elves around her, but also show the more terrifying side of her that her enemies seem to fear.

In terms of paints, Galadriel was primed with grey, washed with Nuln Oil, drybrushed with grey again, and some light white highlights applied. Her hair is Rakarth Flesh with a wash, and her flesh is Dawnstone. That was it.

The Elves in these pics have all been batch-painted so have just been completed in one little group. I’ve been working with a small palette, mixing and matching clothing and cloak colours as I do when painting Orcs. It’s a good feeling seeing more colour come into this army now, and less blank, primed miniatures. They’ve been very satisfying and relaxing to paint up.

The Sentinel is an important model for a Lothlorien army, being able to essentially cast a spell without using Will. They can be a nuisance for potentially moving an enemy model in any direction (should they fail a courage test), and seem worth having as a support mini.

My Lothlorien list as it stands is to have Galadriel running with 18 Wood Elves with throwing weapons, and Haldir leading a bow-heavy warband with some Galadhrim sword & shield support too. The Sentinel will be in there somewhere too.

But anyway, thanks again for reading, and take care.


Hey, so it’s been nearly 4 months since I last posted anything. Since then, my wife and I had our 3rd child in January, and have moved house in recent weeks too.

This move was a perfect time to re-evaluate my hobby space, as everything had to be wrapped up, transported, and unpacked again. I went through a whole roll of bubble wrap in the process, too.

Word Bearers

I’ve been looking at the models that I will be focusing on in the next few months, once my uni course has finished for the term. I’m looking to begin by finishing off my Angmar orcs, Rivendell elves, and possibly my Scions.

Rivendell (2nd Age)

I’m also interested in getting playing LOTR MESBG at some point too. This is a goal for the far-future, however. My main aim is to get back into the swing of painting again, and what better place to start than with the orcs? They are nowhere near as uniform as the other armies, and benefit from looking haggard.

A mix of Chaos cultists, Imperial Guard tanks, and odds and ends

I’m also keeping a strict rule on myself not to buy anymore plastic or metal until everything is painted up. It sounds easier said than done, but I’m serious about keeping my hobby space in this new house more under control than the previous. Late last year I ended up adding a 5th shelf to the cabinet as I was running out of room, and I don’t particularly want to have to add a 6th. At least not in 2022.

Pray for me haha.

All the best to you all, and thanks for reading. I’ll have new posts soon.

Boromir: 2 different ways

Much like some amateur chef on a terrible reality TV cooking show, I present Boromir: 2 ways.

First off is the bare bones Boromir with sword and shield. It’s a great model, I like the pose and when I first saw this one I thought how awesome it was to see Boromir in his Gondor armour like one of the troops. He also has the Horn of Gondor hanging down by his waist, which is one of my favourite details of this sculpt.

Secondly, we have Boromir with the Banner of Minas Tirith. As well as counting as a run-of-the-mill banner in game, it also increases the Fight value of friendly Gondor troops within 6″ by +1. I find this to be quite handy as I’ll be filling out Boromir’s warband with a mix of rangers, warriors of Minas Tirith and Osgiliath veterans (who also benefit from an additional +1 to their Fight value just by being near either Boromir or Faramir).

I struggled with the freehand at first. My initial attempt can be seen lurking in the background of one of the shots in my previous post, but I decided to redo this after the tree I painted on the back of the banner turned out better than the front. I’m really pleased with how it turned out! I just have the banner on the mounted Boromir mini to do now haha.

I intend to use Boromir as one of my main heroes in the LOTR battle game, as he is one of my favourite characters from the book and just an all-round great warrior. I’ve enjoyed painting both of these minis and am happy to see them integrate with the rest of my Minas Tirith troops.

Anyways, that’s all for this time. Take care!

Hobby update (8th January)

Happy New Year to everyone!

This is the first post of 2022, and is a hobby update on what’s been going on. Recently I’ve been working on my Minas Tirith army, and chipping away at my Angmar orcs.

Painting these guys takes me right back to the early 2000s, and I enjoy painting orcs as their schemes can vary as much as you like; they are always a dirty, ragtag bunch. Lots of various black or brown ink washes, various metal and leather armour types, and various orcy skin tones ranging from sickly greens to blues and greys.

I’ve also been chipping away at some of the Christmas models, mainly my citadel guard. They follow the same recipe as the warriors of Minas Tirith, with some deviations. Already they are adding some visual difference to the silver tides.

I recently freehanded Boromir’s banner too; this was kinda tricky. And I still have the back to do! There are some parts I need to work on/change on the current side, but I’m reasonably happy with how it has turned out so far. I’ll post closer pics when I’m done with him.

That’s all for now anyways. I hope you’re all well, and take care.

Hobby update (30th December)

What will probably end up being the last post of 2021, here I am about to begin painting Boromir’s banner! Freehanding anything makes me very nervous, but I’m going to take it slowly and not get stressed about it along the way.

I found some rare sunlit, dry time to get my newest models primed and ready for painting. So far, I have based them and just waiting for them to dry before beginning work on their armour.

I grabbed myself a packet of the Osgiliath veterans as well, as the models are so cool. I loved the battle in Osgiliath during the LOTR films, where mixed forces of rangers and armoured warriors fought the orcs; this blending of these different troops is part of what inspired me to collect Minas Tirith as an army, so having the veterans added to the mix does wonders for the visual aspect of the army as well as the bonuses that they bring (i.e: receiving a Fight value bonus of +1 when 6″ from Boromir or Faramir). If Boromir has his banner, this can stack, making these guys Fight value 5 (equal to Faramir himself).

This year has been a strange one. I’ve fallen in and out of love with the hobby multiple times, picked up the Lord of the Rings minis and fallen down a rabbit hole with them. Although I’ve been distracted by writing and uni, painting models is still a great stress relief for me, and I hope to continue onwards into the new year with this, even if I am just posting once a month.

Wishing you all a happy and safe 2022 when it comes!


Holidays update

Hey folks, this is just a quick update today to say Merry Christmas and hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! It’s also an update on the haul today, as I received some minis and have managed to drag my exhausted self to the table to assemble a few tonight, despite feeling like I’ve been run over.

All the minis I received for Christmas are Lord of the Rings; three sets for my Minas Tirith army, these being citadel guard, commanders and Beregond & Cirion. The citadel guard are very cool looking models, with the appearance similar to that of regular troops wrapped in cloaks. I reckon they would do alright defending Denethor.

The commanders set comes with a troop with war horn, one with a banner, a knight of the white tower, and one captain (whose sword was broken, and wasn’t actually in the box- bloody finecast).

Beregond & Cirion are two heroes of lower points cost; they seem to be oft- forgotten minis in Minas Tirith army lists, but are reliable in their own right. And cheap to play. Beregond is more of a thematic choice for me, as I was intending on getting Pippin into this list as well, with Beregond himself being one of my favourite characters from the book.

I put in a good 40 mins of tidying and gluing these guys together, finishing some with chopped up sprue pieces (these act as shattered parts of the white city- ruined brickwork, etc). If the weather can stay dry in the next few days, I might even be able to get them primed.

Anyways, that’s all for today. How did you all fare with your Christmas hobby hauls? Have a great evening and take care.

Hobby update (19th December)

Uni work has kept me fairly busy but I’ve managed to take a few nights here and there to work on my LOTR minis as well as some of my Imperial Guard.

Most recently I started to work on my sentinel, which I’m ashamed to say has been neglected this year. I primed it early in 2021 and am just now starting to fill in the metallic colours. Tonight I gave it a nuln oil wash, with the next step being drybrushing mechnicus standard grey over the armour plates to bring up the base colour once more.

I’m continuing to divide my time with the LOTR minis between orcs, elves and Minas Tirith troops. I broke up some of the monotony by working on a hero, this time the sword and shield incarnation of Boromir. I’m happy with how he has turned out, but am dreading freehanding the banner-bearing version!

I have also been dusting off my scions and giving them a push towards being finished, as there are just two models to go. I’ll post pics of them next time I write up an update.

As always, take care and thanks for reading.

Angmar Cave Troll

These last few weeks I have been painting up more of my Lord of the Rings minis, including a few more Elves and Orcs. I have just finished work on my cave troll for my Angmar army, a hefty beast of a creature that adds some heavy hitting to the army.

He was easy to paint, being based with Mechanicus Standard Grey followed by a blue ink wash. The rest of his features were standard Leadbelcher and Steel Legion Drab; as for his belly, this was achieved through drybrushing Rakarth Flesh (my favourite of all paints) across the blue flesh. I thought this achieved what I was looking to do in terms of painting his undersides, including blending in with the blue flesh towards the bottoms of his arms.

I gave him the snowy base to fit in with the rest of the hordes from the North, and there you go. A fun model to paint, and less of a pain to actually glue together than I initially anticipated!

In other news, since getting an additional shelf for my model cabinet, I took the opportunity to pick up some Minas Tirith models in some sort of competitive mood to fill the damn thing haha. I’ve always liked the models for Denethor and Boromir (two of my favourite characters in the book and film) and I would like to explore some of the units that the army has to offer.

Anyways until next time, stay safe and take care.

A more recent progress update

It’s been nearly 2 months since I posted last, and I have been using the time to work on writing projects. I’ve had 5 pieces published in the last couple of months, so it’s been getting off to a great start.

In recent weeks, I’ve picked up a paintbrush and started working on my LotR armies once again. A recent addition to my Angmar force has been the lovely cave troll, as I felt they needed some muscle in the army. I managed to get him primed this afternoon before the thunderstorm, and after filling in his belly with plastic putty. I’m surprised he is still holding together; Army Painter’s super glue is mighty strong, I’ll say that much.

So far, I’ve given him a blue ink wash and I intend on giving his belly and underarms some fleshy tones when he dries.

As for the troops, I am still painting orcs and elves. The orcs just need alternating between colours to give them that variety; the elves are a massive line of identical troops that I’m trying not get bogged down with. I like the effect when they are all together though, they do properly radiate light, as elves should!

The model at the front is Cirdan, a minor hero for Rivendell. I actually found him on a genuine model shop site, brand new, for £8. I snapped him up instead of being ripped off by everyone on eBay, and have been painting him in similar colours to my troops. I love how much detail he has as a model, and always looks so dignified no matter what haha.

There are a number of extra models that I purchased during the last few months for LotR that I will show in subsequent posts. I also managed to finish my mounted Witch-king, but still need to take the pics for that one. It’s been relaxing getting back into painting and modelling, and not feeling so much of a chore as it kind of did in June. A rest has done me good I think, and I look forward to checking out all of your work that I might have missed.

As always, take care and catch you next time.