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Hobby Progress (8th May)

The last few days have seen me painting up some of the High Elves for my Rivendell army. The spear and shield warriors have proved to be some of the fiddliest models I’ve ever worked on, but the results have been pretty pleasing. Deciding to mix gold and silver paints for the final highlight on the armour, I’ve been sticking to batch-painting these elves, which has been moving things along quite swiftly.

These troops feel pretty nostalgic to me, conjuring up images of the first few issues of the LotR magazine and the Warriors of the Last Alliance that I think I recall came attached to one of them. They’ve actually been a joy to work on, and are a nice contrast to the grubby hordes of Angmar orcs that I’ve been painting up recently.

Progress on the wild wargs has still been coming along, with the bases just needing done. I’ll be happy when their ravenous warband is up and running and I can get a game with them. They seem like a fun bunch to play as.

Thanks again for reading, and take care.

Hobby Progress (9th April)

Hi and welcome back to another progress update. Painting minis has been a fairly odd affair lately, as I’m really just painting whatever I feel like at the moment, rather than sticking to any one unit. I’ve drifted from the wild wargs to the Ringwraiths to the spectres on a whim. Again I find myself in the position of having lots of models nearly finished with very little actually completed.

The weather was reasonable last weekend so I was able to get my orcs primed without them blowing away. I reckon once I get the warg warband painted up then I can move onto the orc rabble for my Angmar force.

Painting the wraiths has been fairly straightforward, with only really the Tainted needing some extra work done to make him look slightly luminous and rotten. The Dwimmerlaik has been something of a test wraith for painting, but he’s endured the worst of it and come out looking alright so far. I’ve been priming them grey, drybrushing highlights and then using the Black Templar contrast paint on them, going back over with some light highlights afterwards. It’s the most painless way I can think of painting the riders in black!

Thanks for reading, take care.

Imperial Guard Commissar

Making use of my downtime between painting up the troops, I have put some paint on the Commissar. This is the ubiquitous Imperial Guard Commissar model that came with the Start Collecting boxset, and I do really like it for its sinister appearance.

I didn’t know how I was going to go about painting him at first, so I used a few various sources and character art to figure out a painting scheme. The highlights on his outfit and the dusty effect on his boots were both down to drybrushing, and I threw in a Nuln Oil wash on his bolt pistol and bionic hand for a little shading.

The Commissar can fit an army as an Elite or HQ choice (as a Lord Commissar) depending on what you need; personally I was intending on using him as a Lord Commissar to fill an HQ slot for the time being. I’ve kept his loadout quite basic as I mainly want him around for keeping the troops from doing a runner, and I’m not expecting him to do anything Earth-shattering in combat.

Thanks for reading, take care.

Post-Christmas Goings on

I’m thankful to say that we had a lovely Christmas and hope that you all did too! It was a chilled day with good food, and the kids certainly enjoyed tearing into their presents and doing video calls with the family. I was lucky enough to receive some 40k from Santa this year…

After the festivities were wrapped up, I managed to get some building time in. A few days later, these Bullgryns were built; the kit is as beefy as the abhumans themselves and was a lot of fun to assemble. I feel better knowing my Guard regiment has a bit of muscle in their elite ranks (or indeed anything higher than T3).

As for outside, it’s been snowing a little here and there. We were fortunate to have a drop of snow with very little ice, enough to get us out the house and go on a winter walk around the village outskirts. The kids love exploring the woods and boggy areas that are now dusted with snow, and it made for a relaxing trip in the fresh, chilly air.

As we end 2020, my current to-do list carrying over includes:

  • Continue painting up the Imperial Guard Infantry. I’ve made a start to the second squad and am batch-painting a few at a time.
  • Assembling the new units. Scions will be next, as I’m intimidated by the thought of building the Hellhound just yet 😄
  • I found a Culexus Assassin from years back while rearranging my model cabinet, and I’d like to tidy his paintwork and base, and eventually use him with the Guard army
  • Cut down on buying bitz because it really adds up, and use what I have kicking about!

That wraps up my last post of 2020. Thank you to everyone who has liked and commented any of these ramblings this year, and I wish you all the best for the next.

Until then, take care and Happy New Year!

WIPs for June

I’ve been interested in putting together some Possessed marines lately, as my Word Bearers could use a bit of a melee boost. The problem is that the Possessed kit badly needs an update, but GW have relapsed into Ultramarines again with the birth of the new edition.

I found maybe half of the Possessed kit to be usable at least, so mixed this with some current Chaos marines. I have a squad of 5 at the moment, but here’s a shot of the two I’ve painted the armour for, including a Greater Possessed:

The main area of focus has been trying to finish up the Terminator Lord and second squad of Word Bearers marines. I started with the champion and marine with plasma gun, aiming to get to get all the plasma done in one go. They are quite close to being finished overall, with just tiny details needing done. As for the Chaos Lord, he had to be worked on in chunks because of how awkwardly spiky the model is. I finished the back section of his armour along with his cape so he could be fully assembled at last!

In the coming week I hope to find the time to get these three brought up to speed and continue on their Possessed brethren. Painting tends to be relaxing and really enjoyable, it’s just getting started that’s the hard part. Hopefully we can return to some form of normality in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all staying safe.

Word Bearers Rhino (Sixty Day Miniatures of Magnitude May-June 2020 Challenge)

I’m not fully sure how long I’ve had this Rhino in my possession for; I seem to recall it being a present from my sister maybe a year ago. I also remember the assembly wasn’t as bad as Rhinos normally tend to be! With Ann’s Immaterium issuing the Miniatures of Magnitude Challenge, now was the time to get this tank brought up to speed.

When putting it together, I aimed to keep it in line with everything that I liked about the Chaos vehicles: the spiked top sections, the grumpy gunner, the variety of gruesome trophies, etc. With our foul missionaries in the Word Bearers spreading the truth wherever they go, it made sense to add some parchments and tomes to the body of the Rhino too. Trying to avoid spending money on gubbins, I raided my bitz box and came up with a daemonic book and a couple of Space Marine parchments that could be used (after filing off the Imperial Aquila).

As far as painting goes, I stuck with my normal routine of drybrushing the armour. It took a few goes around the tank to build up a decent deep red that fit in with the rest of the crew, but added to that tattered, ancient look that is shared across the army. Feeling brave, I attempted some weathering with a sponge along the bottom of the chassis as well.

Thanks for reading and catch you all next time.

Chaos Spawn

Troops and heavy support are my favourites when it comes to looking through codices. Fast attack doesn’t really cut the mustard for me, unless there’s a standout (or bizarre) unit in there that warrants a second look. The Chaos Spawn are that unit, being the slowest of the fast attack choices but ultimately more interesting than the standard fare that is bikers and jump pack infantry.

In the lore, a Spawn is a former warrior who has collapsed under the weight of so many mutations and driven to madness through the pain in their ever-changing form. This could either be a cruel punishment from the Gods for failing to live up to their potential, or simply as a means of the Gods entertaining themselves. I thought they would be an interesting addition to my Word Bearers, as well as helping to bolster the melee output of my army.

To start off, I had no idea how to go about getting these guys together. The kit was packed with bits and bobs to make mutated lumps of Chaotic flesh, and it provided a great amount of leftovers. I decided to keep the colour schemes simple and mainly rely on a mix of washes to differentiate between certain limbs; the Spawn are quite basic models, being naked and all, and I wanted to maintain a limited palette for painting them up.

The first model was just going to be a simple pallid flesh tone built on a base of Rakarth Flesh with drybrushed highlights. It got a wash of Agrax Earthshade on the main body and limbs, and a further wash of Druchii Violet on the front tentacle and the bulb to make it look like some form of toxin sac.

Spawn number 2 has the appearance of a sort of failed beastman with tentacles sprouting from its back. The flesh was Bugman’s Glow with an Agrax Earthshade wash and then drybrushed Cadian Fleshtone, while alternating between Druchii Violet and Carroburg Crimson for light bruising and infection effects. Overall I wanted the model to have the appearance that it was missing a layer or two of flesh and was in total agony.

There’s not much else to say about the Spawn to be honest! Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all well.

Word Bearers Squad

Just going to be a short update of hobby progress today.

This Word Bearers squad has been waiting in the wings for some time now. When things need based and decals applied they slip out of urgency and I end up drifting over to the next unit in line. It was time to give them the final push and get them done.

They are the first of my Chaos Space Marine squads, equipped with an icon and a plasma gun. I mixed in a couple of other bits and pieces, including some flesh parchment (as Word Bearers seem to favour this over paper) and other additional gubbins like bone shards.

I’m also intending on taking more group shots once I get a unit finished up, as it’s kinda cool watching the army grow and seeing things coming together. Here’s one of the squad backed up by Helga:

That’s all for this update. Take care and stay safe!

Word Bearers Helbrute

Towards the tail-end of this week, I managed to get work wrapped up on the Helbrute. I tidied up some of the paintwork on the flesh and armour, and finished up the base. Also, a chance finally emerged to use a chunk of the Word Bearers rune transfers to finish off the armour plates.

I tried to keep the Helbrute consistent with the rest of the armoured parts of the Chaos Space Marines, building up the armour through drybrushing. Washes were used on large chunks of the model like the flesh and tusks, and I cleaned off some of the agrax earthshade from the tip downwards on the bigger tusks which gave this kind of rotten enamel look. I’d only ever done this once before, but it seemed to do the trick!

I grabbed a pot of druchii violet when I was up in Edinburgh last weekend, as I’ve seen a lot of videos where this wash is used for bruising up daemonic flesh. This was applied to some of the more painful-looking sections of the model, such as where the multi-melta is pushing through the flesh, the little jaws emerging from the side, and the heavily-mutated crotch. It looks damn sore.

It’s been a work in progress for a couple of years at least- I originally got the Helbrute as part of the Dark Vengeance box set but back then I didn’t really know with legion to go for and the models fell by the wayside. It’s been a lot of fun to paint though. I’m really looking forward to using the Helbrute in battle at one point too.

Well that’s it for this instalment, thanks for reading.

Followers of the Word, pt.3

I can safely say I’m glad this week is over and done with. I’ve had little time to do anything hobby-related but with the arrival of a package from eBay I decided to take the evening for myself, and do a brief update!

So I ordered the greater possessed from the Shadowspear set earlier in the week because I’ve been wanting to add more monstrosities to my Word Bearers, and the models themselves are awesome. Also, having painted most of my helbrute I have a hankering to try more weird fleshtones and figured that this pair would lend themselves to a goal like this.

After building these guys, I continued on with painting the rhino and some of the rank and file Chaos Space Marines with the aim of wrapping up work on a squad of 5. There’s a piece of uni coursework due for later next week, after which I intend to take more hobby time. With some of my Word Bearers, it’s a case of just needing a base completed; with others it’s a decal here and there. Either way, there are a few just teetering on the brink of being finished!


On another note, my daughter got a plaster figure of Elsa with a magazine (along with some little paints and a brush) and she painted this up herself the other day. It was a really cool thing to see when I came home from work, and I was really impressed with how neat she painted it!

That’s all for this instalment, thanks for reading.