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Word Bearers Rhino (Sixty Day Miniatures of Magnitude May-June 2020 Challenge)

I’m not fully sure how long I’ve had this Rhino in my possession for; I seem to recall it being a present from my sister maybe a year ago. I also remember the assembly wasn’t as bad as Rhinos normally tend to be! With Ann’s Immaterium issuing the Miniatures of Magnitude Challenge, now was the time to get this tank brought up to speed.

When putting it together, I aimed to keep it in line with everything that I liked about the Chaos vehicles: the spiked top sections, the grumpy gunner, the variety of gruesome trophies, etc. With our foul missionaries in the Word Bearers spreading the truth wherever they go, it made sense to add some parchments and tomes to the body of the Rhino too. Trying to avoid spending money on gubbins, I raided my bitz box and came up with a daemonic book and a couple of Space Marine parchments that could be used (after filing off the Imperial Aquila).

As far as painting goes, I stuck with my normal routine of drybrushing the armour. It took a few goes around the tank to build up a decent deep red that fit in with the rest of the crew, but added to that tattered, ancient look that is shared across the army. Feeling brave, I attempted some weathering with a sponge along the bottom of the chassis as well.

Thanks for reading and catch you all next time.

Some WIPs- Chaos Lord & Primaris Relictors

In the past week I’ve been finishing up painting some units and getting them written up. I also had a look into getting a second HQ choice for my army, this time something beefier than the Dark Apostle.

Not being a huge fan of the Daemon Prince or the Master of Possession models, I had a look elsewhere and read into building a Chaos Lord. While I’m not so keen on fielding Terminator Squads, I do like the Terminator Lord a lot. The kit is reasonably old but still holds up, and is filled with some tasty leftover Chaos gubbins to share amongst the troops. I added extras from my bitz box to jazz him up, make him more of a Word Bearer. As it stands, I’m going to paint the Lord and his cape separately, so I’ll hold off on any pictures of the actual model just now!

In recent weeks, my wife has been Marie Kondo-ing our house; basically staring each piece of clothing, accessory, book and electronic in the face and deciding whether or not it’s being kept, thrown away or donated. I too thought I would be helpful and volunteered to do the same to my model cabinet (she didn’t see the funny side).

Towards the bottom of the cabinet a group of Primaris appeared and that was when I recalled I had grabbed a few from eBay sometime in 2019 and never got around to working on them. I have been eager to paint some Relictors again, and so started to add bits and pieces. There was also a Lieutenant on a sprue, and I found a suitably arrogant head for him, befitting of the Relictors. He’s now the Sergeant of this little posse.

It would be good to get them all primed this week (weather dependent), but we’ll see how things go. I have a few ideas I would like to try regarding the Relictors’ armour that I didn’t try the first time around.

That’s it until next time. I hope you’re all well and staying safe.

Word Bearers Obliterators (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge)

I had accepted painting these guys as part of the Paint the Crap You Already Own! April Challenge from Ann’s Immaterium, the rules being that you had to have owned the models from before 1st April 2020. I’d recently finished work on a Helbrute and figured the Obliterators weren’t a million miles away in terms of what painting steps were required.

I decided to go with a different colour of flesh than the other Chaos Marines and the Helbrute, instead washing the Rakarth Flesh with Carroburg Crimson to achieve this mad pink. I added Druchii Violet to the recesses and some of the more bulbous areas of the skin for a bruised, infected look.

Originally coming from the Shadowspear box set, these two bastards are much like their other Chaos Space Marine kin in that they are both well-detailed and monstrous. While they look badass, the Obliterators have so much detail on their mutated backs and sides that it’s tricky to tell what’s meant to be piping, metal tubing and bullets- so much to the point where I had to consult the 360 photos on GW’s site just for clarification!

Overall, I’m fairly happy with how these guys turned out. The decals worked wonders this time around too and I was happy to be able to get some of the Colchisian runes on the armour plates for that Word Bearers finish.

There are some parts of the paintjob that I find myself coming back to and altering, but I think if I continue down this route I will probably drive myself insane. Lockdown is already making my attention span quite limited, with the constant urge to complete something (video games, models, books) and quickly move on to the next one.

Anyways, that’s all for this post. Take care and catch you next time.

Word Bearers Squad

Just going to be a short update of hobby progress today.

This Word Bearers squad has been waiting in the wings for some time now. When things need based and decals applied they slip out of urgency and I end up drifting over to the next unit in line. It was time to give them the final push and get them done.

They are the first of my Chaos Space Marine squads, equipped with an icon and a plasma gun. I mixed in a couple of other bits and pieces, including some flesh parchment (as Word Bearers seem to favour this over paper) and other additional gubbins like bone shards.

I’m also intending on taking more group shots once I get a unit finished up, as it’s kinda cool watching the army grow and seeing things coming together. Here’s one of the squad backed up by Helga:

That’s all for this update. Take care and stay safe!

Word Bearers Helbrute

Towards the tail-end of this week, I managed to get work wrapped up on the Helbrute. I tidied up some of the paintwork on the flesh and armour, and finished up the base. Also, a chance finally emerged to use a chunk of the Word Bearers rune transfers to finish off the armour plates.

I tried to keep the Helbrute consistent with the rest of the armoured parts of the Chaos Space Marines, building up the armour through drybrushing. Washes were used on large chunks of the model like the flesh and tusks, and I cleaned off some of the agrax earthshade from the tip downwards on the bigger tusks which gave this kind of rotten enamel look. I’d only ever done this once before, but it seemed to do the trick!

I grabbed a pot of druchii violet when I was up in Edinburgh last weekend, as I’ve seen a lot of videos where this wash is used for bruising up daemonic flesh. This was applied to some of the more painful-looking sections of the model, such as where the multi-melta is pushing through the flesh, the little jaws emerging from the side, and the heavily-mutated crotch. It looks damn sore.

It’s been a work in progress for a couple of years at least- I originally got the Helbrute as part of the Dark Vengeance box set but back then I didn’t really know with legion to go for and the models fell by the wayside. It’s been a lot of fun to paint though. I’m really looking forward to using the Helbrute in battle at one point too.

Well that’s it for this instalment, thanks for reading.

Followers of the Word, pt.3

I can safely say I’m glad this week is over and done with. I’ve had little time to do anything hobby-related but with the arrival of a package from eBay I decided to take the evening for myself, and do a brief update!

So I ordered the greater possessed from the Shadowspear set earlier in the week because I’ve been wanting to add more monstrosities to my Word Bearers, and the models themselves are awesome. Also, having painted most of my helbrute I have a hankering to try more weird fleshtones and figured that this pair would lend themselves to a goal like this.

After building these guys, I continued on with painting the rhino and some of the rank and file Chaos Space Marines with the aim of wrapping up work on a squad of 5. There’s a piece of uni coursework due for later next week, after which I intend to take more hobby time. With some of my Word Bearers, it’s a case of just needing a base completed; with others it’s a decal here and there. Either way, there are a few just teetering on the brink of being finished!


On another note, my daughter got a plaster figure of Elsa with a magazine (along with some little paints and a brush) and she painted this up herself the other day. It was a really cool thing to see when I came home from work, and I was really impressed with how neat she painted it!

That’s all for this instalment, thanks for reading.

Hunter of the Esoteric

This inquisitor was about 80% complete when I left him some months back. I thought I would have a push and get him done, since he is one of my favourites from GW in recent years, as are much of the older inquisition range. I really like the variety of models that exist (or existed) for the inquisitorial retinue and that goes for some of the actual inquisitors themselves.


The rogue Inquisitor retreats with the damned sword, supported by Relictor space marines.

The idea was to include him for the Relictors as a rogue ally similar to their former colleague De Marche. He would lead the charge into the most dangerous of locations, hunting Chaotic weaponry and artefacts for his own twisted use, flanked by the Relictors. While there might not be much chance of using him in a game, I thought that the model complemented the sinister space marines and their lore quite well.



I used a fair bit of drybrushing on the inquisitor, treating his robes similar to that of my cultists, as well as washing the sword in hexwraith flame (because I have some sort of addiction to using that colour on everything). I’ve only ever seen this inquisitor painted in burgundy before so I went with a metallic colour for the armour to give him a colder appearance.

If the opportunity to flesh out a retinue of rogues pops up then I would be tempted to take it. Hopefully GW does another offer on their older lines as they did in the latter half of last year.

Thanks for reading, catch you all soon.

Helga & Inquisitor (WIPs)

After wrapping up work on the HQ, I decided to take a break and paint something a little bigger. For the past few weeks I have been getting around painting my Dark Vengeance helbrute, Helga, which has been a challenge in some regards as she has some much mad detail that I never even realised until putting a brush to her.

I still have to tidy up a few lines and apply a wash or two, as well as tackle the bones/tusks/horns/fangs, etc. I’m also experimenting with a red wash on sections of the flesh to add a kind of bruised effect to the model, something that I would like to use on the obliterators too if it ends up looking good.

With the monotony of painting silver trim setting in, I switched over and put some time into adding to the inquisitor model that I have in my cabinet. This guy has been one of my favourite GW models for years, and I ended up buying him either last year or the year before last during a point when GW were removing a lot of sculpts from their website. I panic-ordered him at the time, and he has been quite pleasant to paint. There’s a little way to go with him, but he’s shaping up to be not too bad. And I got to make his blade look all Chaotic, which was a bonus.

Thanks again for reading, and catch you all next time.

Cultist Scumbags, pt.4

We passed the point of no return ages ago. We now sit at 29 completed, with 1 left to paint, and then I’ll have to sort out what to do with the bases. Furthermore, the Cawdor box had a few leftover gubbins so I’ve kinda gotten away with adding armour plates, bullet belts and the odd mad knife to some of their 40k brethren. This had helped with changing up the doublers a little, as well as mixing up the colours of their rags and tunics.

As for colour schemes, I’ve been borrowing colour combinations from the cultists on the back of the Dark Vengeance box as well as henchmen from various video games, such as Borderlands 2 and Resident Evil 4. It’s safe to say though that I’m reaching the end of my sanity and goodwill towards these guys!

While the washes were drying, I started to get stuck in to the Word Bearers and began dry brushing some of the big guys’ armour. After a few issues involving a duff can of spray primer, they are (thankfully) back on track and I’m excited about moving on to the Chaos Space Marine squad hopefully in the next week.

So it looks like the entire horde of 30 cultists will make it for Azazel’s Squaddie September challenge, so I’ll be sure to do one last post soon for them once their bases are tidied up. Until then, take care.

A little light reading

My new job has been keeping me fairly busy, but in the background there’s been a few different ideas going on as to what I want to build and paint. I’m thinking about taking a break from the Space Marines for a little while, as I have been painting the Relictors for about a year now and Space Marines in general for a fair few.

This isn’t a massive change to be honest, I mean if you look at the Chaos Space Marine squad- well, they’re more like tactical marines, and in essence more like Space Marines than Space Marines are at the moment. They can, at least take weapons options and can ride in a rhino. I’m not really getting the whole Primaris thing right now, and I’ve painted a few of them a enjoyed it to an extent, but maybe it was just because I was painting something (slightly) different.

I started thinking about building an Emperor’s Children army some time ago, but I’ve been considering it seriously for a little under a week now. I grabbed the codex and actually really like the variety of options. There are cheap, crappy troops to field en masse (I love cheap, crappy troops options), some twisted Warp creatures to throw in, you have your marines too, both noise and otherwise….

It’s still kind of in the planning stage, and I can’t start as I’m off on holiday next week. I am definitely going to keep this one from getting out of control though. Thinking maybe starting with noise marines and taking baby steps, get a very small force on the go and jump into some gaming quickly. If I can get an Emperor’s Children force together in a couple of months and start playing again by autumn, well, maybe it’s a goal I can work toward.

The Relictors will still be a focus as well, like I mentioned before I have the sternguard veterans nearly ready and a vindicator in the wings. I’ll see how things develop in the next week!