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Hobby update (30th August)

Just a brief update today. I’ve been chipping away at the LOTR minis for a little while now, and am finally pushing some of these figures close to, or over, the finish line. For my painting session tonight, I thought I would snap a few of these.

First up is the latest Rangers I have been working on. These guys are an all-hero army in the Middle-Earth Strategy game, so they are a pretty small force. I’m mixing in some DĂșnedain models and plastic Ranger troops to bulk out the numbers. You might recognise Strider on the left there, as well.

I’m keeping a small palette of colours for these guys, including mixing up some colours to give a few of the Rangers grey cloaks. It’s not removing the uniformity from them completely, but I guess it breaks up all the dark green to an extent.

Aragorn and some half-finished DĂșnedain

One model I did finish tonight is the Rivendell banner bearer. This Elf has been waiting patiently in the queue for a good while, and now he is finally done! I intend to post some group pics of my Rivendell Elves when I have the last of the warriors done.

Rivendell banner bearer (all done!)

As always, thanks for reading, and catch you next time.

Glorfindel: 2 different ways

I bet you were thinking I was one of the lucky 2 people in the world that got a Forgeworld Glorfindel when they released a few days ago, right? Haha, no such luck. As much as I would have loved to have a new sculpt of one of my favourite characters from the books, the all-powerful Elf was just out of reach. I have been painting up my GW metal minis however, the figures having been sitting in my pile for some time.

First off is the armoured figure, Glorfindel in the armour of Gondolin. There isn’t much to say about this one; he’s decked out in similar armour to Erestor, and I painted him in inverted colours from my other Rivendell Elves. As such, his garments are closer to how I have painted Cirdan, with the grey cloak and green skirting.

Secondly is the unarmoured Glorfindel; this one came in a pack with Gildor, and although he is a bit strange in terms of sword size and face proportions, he’s an alright mini. He was fun to paint, and again I used the inverted colours to make him stand out ever so slightly from the rank-and-file, as well as tying in with their scheme.

In gaming terms, Glorfindel has the Lord of the West rule, allowing him to re-roll a D6 in a duel. He also has Unbending Resolve, which allows him to roll two extra dice while trying to resist spells. In summation, he’s a bit of a beast, and a comfortable choice to lead my Rivendell Elves.

That’s all for this time, anyways. Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re doing well. Take care.

Elves WIP

I got a few washes done on a handful of Wood Elves, and some drybrushing done on Galadriel this eve. I’ve been pretty much just batch-painting these Lothlorien troops and have a heap that are a few small details from being finished.

I also picked away at a few details on Glorfindel too. He is the main hero from my Rivendell list, which is mainly centred around himself and Cirdan leading a bunch of troops as they did around the Battle of Forenost in the Third Age. Glorfindel is one of my favourite characters from the book, just being a mighty Elven hero that scares the hell out of the wraiths.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

Hobby update (28th June)

Tonight I’ve been working on a few models of my Elven forces, mainly trying to slap some paint on as many as possible.

First up is Lady Galadriel, a WIP of the Elf-Witch during her moment of spotting the Ring in Frodo’s possession. I was torn between painting her as an ordinary Elf, but figured the pose lent itself to something a little darker. I still have to do highlights and change the flesh colour, but I’m going to aim for something close to what she appears as during her “dark queen” speech in Lothlorien.

I also worked on the Sentinel and some archers as well. There were a good few many minis that were sitting on the precipice of the wash stage, these included. Again, I’ll go back and highlight when dry, but the ink wash is currently tying all the tones together.

And that’s where we’re at this evening. I’ve been losing a lot of sleep to the baby, as well as being struck down with the cold, but aim to get more done this week where possible! Thanks for reading, and take care.

Hobby update (18th June)

I spent part of my working week staring at the cabinet between emails, trying to figure out what needs painted in what order. There are a few models that need a shove ahead of the others, and I grabbed a bundle of troops that need some progress made.

So I was working on my Rivendell Elf banner bearer, trying to find a pattern to freehand that wouldn’t be too hard on my hands or eyes. In the end, I just winged it. Still have the other side to do, but that can wait until next session.

I also continued work on my Wood Elves. These guys are intended to be used either for Rivendell (as part of Gildor Inglorion’s warband), or for a separate Lothlorien ally warband, whichever calls for it. I enjoy painting these guys, much like the Orcs; their paint schemes can be a mix and match job, while still maintaining a hint of uniformity.

There’s a real hankering to get a game of LOTR soon, and the Elves are the army I would like to learn the most, whether it be Rivendell or Lothlorien (or mix of both). I like the Elven shooting and movement, and though the Wood Elves are kinda squishy, their troops seem generally high quality.

Finally, this last pic is of the horn-bearer from the Minas Tirith faction. I’ve been having a shit time with Finecast lately, mainly because it is so dreadful. Tonight, this guy’s sword snapped clean off while I was working on him. I’m going to remove one of the warriors of Minas Tirith troop’s spear hand and give it to this guy, but it’ll have to wait until my new bottle of super glue arrives.

Finecast is honestly a piece of trash. Is it any more detailed than the plastic kits these days? I’m not so sure. Is it any cheaper to make than metal minis? Again, I don’t know. But it certainly puts me off buying certain kits in the future because of how wonky it is; kits with spearmen seem like a no-go if this shit is involved, and between the sword snapping on my Gondor captain, the long blade being nastily bent on my Knight of the White Tower, now this… That’s three minis from the Gondor Commander box set, all Finecast btw, that have broken.

But there you have it. I made good progress tonight, and can sit back with a whisky as a result. Finecast will still be absolute trash in the morning, but I have an idea to fix up these flimsy minis next week after my resupply.

Until next time, take care, and thanks for reading.


Hey, so it’s been nearly 4 months since I last posted anything. Since then, my wife and I had our 3rd child in January, and have moved house in recent weeks too.

This move was a perfect time to re-evaluate my hobby space, as everything had to be wrapped up, transported, and unpacked again. I went through a whole roll of bubble wrap in the process, too.

Word Bearers

I’ve been looking at the models that I will be focusing on in the next few months, once my uni course has finished for the term. I’m looking to begin by finishing off my Angmar orcs, Rivendell elves, and possibly my Scions.

Rivendell (2nd Age)

I’m also interested in getting playing LOTR MESBG at some point too. This is a goal for the far-future, however. My main aim is to get back into the swing of painting again, and what better place to start than with the orcs? They are nowhere near as uniform as the other armies, and benefit from looking haggard.

A mix of Chaos cultists, Imperial Guard tanks, and odds and ends

I’m also keeping a strict rule on myself not to buy anymore plastic or metal until everything is painted up. It sounds easier said than done, but I’m serious about keeping my hobby space in this new house more under control than the previous. Late last year I ended up adding a 5th shelf to the cabinet as I was running out of room, and I don’t particularly want to have to add a 6th. At least not in 2022.

Pray for me haha.

All the best to you all, and thanks for reading. I’ll have new posts soon.

Hobby update (10th November)

I’ve been keeping on top of my painting over these last few weeks, making some progress with a fair few of my Lord of the Rings minis. First is the mighty Glorfindel for the Rivendell force. This is the mini that comes in a blister with Gildor, and has more exaggerated features than many of the LotR models in my cabinet. I do love the character of Glorfindel and wanted to give him a decent paintjob, especially as he is to be the leader of my Rivendell Elves.

I’ve kept his colour scheme in line with the High Elves in my Rivendell force, such as the light grey tunic and green cloak, and kept his hair a quite light blonde for contrast. He was a fun model to paint, and I gave him a snowy base to match the Elves. I mentioned in a previous post about my Angmar and Rivendell army having snowy bases as it was the idea initially to paint them as if they were at the Battle of Fornost.

Next is one of my Warriors of Minas Tirith. These guys looks very similar in terms of details, so I will just show one that is recently finished. I’ve been keeping them uniform and trying to make their painting as basic as possible to maximise how fast I’m turning them around (like I say, they are very samey and there are over 20 of them). Not much else to say here; their scheme copies over for the likes of Boromir in his Minas Tirith armour too.

The Rangers of Gondor are more interesting to paint, with much more detail and interest to their minis. I’m batch-painting these guys in groups of 4, and slightly changing their scheme per 4 troops completed. This is to give them a more rag-tag and less uniform appearance, as they appear in the films. There are obviously similar colours connecting them to the rest of the unit (green cloaks/brown leather armour), but the tones of some of the smaller details can be switched without deviating too far.

That is all for this update, anyways. Along with the troops for the Minas Tirith army, I am working on Boromir and his many miniature forms. Work has been tiresome and the house is just absolute chaos right now, but I am hoping to get a lot more of these Gondor figures finished before Christmas arrives.

Thanks for reading, and take care.