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Gildor Inglorion

A month or so ago, I mentioned that I was bringing a warband of Wood Elves into my Rivendell army, which is the benefit of bringing Gildor Inglorion along. The Noldorin Exiles mentioned in the Middle-earth Army Book are meant to represent the Elves that Frodo, Sam and Pippin encounter in Chapter 3 of the Fellowship of the Ring, where Gildor inadvertently scares away a Ringwraith that is crawling at the Hobbits.

The Elf warband led by Gildor gains increased movement, making them fall somewhere in between cavalry and normal infantry in terms of movement. They can also take a host of lovely upgrades that I’ll touch on in another post, but their main benefit is their speed.

Gildor has a sword and Elven cloak, along with a decent stock of Will points and one spell, Immobilise, all for the tiny sum of 70pts. This is a pretty good deal, considering that one of Rivendell’s problems is models with high points cost, so having a hero below 100pts who can lead a warband of 12 troops means he and his Wood Elves can slot into a list without causing too much hassle.

The model itself was fun to paint; I stuck with the colours from GW’s site because they looked pretty cool, and the mix of greens and greys was what I was intending on painting the Wood Elf warriors with. The only part I’m not massively pleased with is the face. This was an unfortunate moment when I discovered that Gildor’s face is actually quite flat and lacking in many grooves to get a wash into. Despite thinning my paints, he was looking like Leatherface at one stage, and I had to strip it and start again. He’s still not 100% where I want him to be, but I fear that more tinkering would lead to catastrophe.

That’s all for now, anyway. Thanks for reading!

Wild Warg Chieftain

With various bits and pieces nearing completion, something was bound to slip through the cracks… Hello, and welcome back to another model update! This time we have another hero finished for my Angmar list, and leader of his own warg warband, the Wild Warg Chieftain.

Right off the bat, this creature is one of my favourites in the Lord of the Rings range. I love wargs as a standard anyway, and the thought of running a warband of wild hill wolves from the north was too much of an opportunity to pass up. I don’t min/max army builds, and my gut twists at the thought; although Angmar’s army bonus ties in with spirit heroes, I prefer the mixture of wildlife that the region has to offer. Rule of cool, and all that.

The Wild Warg Chieftain has one of those poses that just looks badass, pressing down on the chest of a slaughtered man, roaring into the cold winters air. I love the way the fur is grooved into the model, as it scratches that all-important ink wash itch, and the whole thing is a lot sturdier than I initially thought it would be for a metal miniature balancing on a rock.

For painting, I watched a few YouTube videos, building up the fur with Steel Legion Drab before mixing with Zamesi Desert. The mane stands out more in person I think, it looks quite dull on camera unfortunately. For the fella, I painted him in green, black and brown like that of the rangers’ attire.

In gaming terms, he has a 10″ move with Heroic March and Heroic Strength. His/her Packlord rule means that only their wild kin benefit from their heroic actions. The Chieftain is a pretty meaty model with defense 5 and 3 wounds, making it something of a discount beatstick/objective-grabber that can cover decent ground.

I’m gradually getting the remainder of their warband based, so will hopefully have them done in the next week. My initial plan was to have a Wraith-led warband alongside a band of Wild Wargs for smaller games, expanding on this to include a third to beef out the Orc numbers. We’ll see how things go though.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Take care.

Hobby Progress (22nd April)

April is flying by, though the way the time is going it feels like it’s passing swiftly and slowly simultaneously. It’s a strange feeling. On the other hand, my sleeping pattern has been stable for a little while now, so I’ve been feeling that little bit healthier; couple this with the fact that my work are doing a step-count challenge, and it’s given me a push to get more fresh air and exercise.

On the hobby side of things, I have been continuing to work on my Angmar army for Lord of the Rings. I like how the armies for this game are generally quite small and the pricing for the models isn’t outrageous (when compared to the likes of 40k). I think there’s a lot more incentive to get the models you really want into your force rather than saying “you need to take 10 of these to have this,” etc.

eBay has been pretty useful in finding heaps of cheap troops or the occasional hero. I’m yet to paint up any of my eBay-rescue Orcs, but they will be coming soon. This handsome chap above is another incarnation of the Witch-king, only without his flail. I think this is the Fellowship version, the one where he is about to stab Frodo at Weathertop. I like this version of him the best, as I reckon it’s the most sinister sculpt of the Witch-king available. Furthermore, he was only a couple of quid online so I wasn’t filled with that usual sick feeling I get when I buy something I know I shouldn’t have!

I’ve had fun painting up the Wargs, as it’s been mostly drybrushing. They are very textured miniatures so it’s been a satisfying process, and I’m happy with the end result of the fur. All that’s left are the gums, teeth and claws for the Wild Wargs rank-and-file, but I’ll save that torture for another day.

The Chieftain is a brilliant model and has been near-finished for a while now. This morning I focused on the rock underneath him/her and the body they are standing on. I tried to paint the corpse in the colours of the Rangers of the North/Dunedain, although I don’t think it’s too visible in this pic. I’ll get a clearer shot when the model is finished.

That’s all for this update, anyway. I’ve been looking into taking a postgraduate course in October so much of my free time has been diverted to doing preparatory work for that. I’m still finding the odd sliver of time to paint, so hopefully I can push some of these Angmar models across the finish line soon.

As always, thanks for reading and take care.

More Ringwraiths of Angmar

I present my second Ringwraith post, this time for the two remaining Angmar wraiths that I have painted up the on-foot models for.

The first is the Dwimmerlaik, a mysterious Ringwraith that is particularly loathed in Rohan for giving them hassle over the years (so his bio says). He’s equipped with a two-handed sword and has an interesting ability that can force your enemy to spend multiple points of their Hero’s Might, Will or Fate reserves when within 6″ of him. He’s got a pretty heroic pose for an undead servant of Sauron, I’ll say that much.

I have also finished up the Witch-king, Mr Angmar himself. While I would say that the Witch-king is one of my favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings, this particular incarnation of him is not. I don’t really like the flail too much as it’s quite fragile and almost snapped during painting; unlike the metal Dwimmerlaik, this Witch-king is resin and was a bit of a struggle to straighten out after his journey in the mail.

In game terms, the Witch-king has plenty of options for customising him with pieces of wargear (Morgul Blade included), and he has a few steed choices like his fell beast or armoured horse. I think he’ll be really interesting to play as in the LotR battle game, as he has a host of magical powers to cause the enemy some headaches.

Both Ringwraiths were primed grey, drybrushed to pick out the highlights and then coated with black contrast paint. I then applied lighter drybrushed layers on the edges to bring them up a little more in the mix before picking out the metallic details with Leadbelcher. Like pretty much everything in my Angmar force has/will have, I finished them with some snowy bases to replicate the wintery conditions in the north of Middle-Earth.

As these guys were purchased before April, they are also additions to the “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April painting challenge hosted by Ann’s Immaterium.

Once again, thanks for reading. Stay safe, and catch you next time.

The Tainted (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” Challenge, April 2021)

I have actually managed to get something completed! Presenting for this month’s challenge by Ann’s Immaterium, I show you my Tainted model for the Lord of the Rings strategy battle game, both the mounted and on-foot versions.

The Tainted is one of my hero choices for my army of Angmar, a foul ringwraith that ebbs decay and rot from his very being. I was a fan of the paint scheme he was given in the army book, the kind of spectre-like greenish glow to his robes giving me some mad Minas Morgul vibes, and so I tried to recreate this with my own miniatures. It involved a few runs of drybrushing to build up the layers of green, followed by some dulling down with Nuln Oil. It was hard to try and find a middle ground between the robes being too garish or not showing any kind of green at all, but I ended up with a result I’m happy with.

There’s not much to say regarding this fella. His base was finished with Stirland Battlemire technical paint and some Valhallan Blizzard (which might as well be my new favourite paint!) In game terms, the Tainted is a Hero of Valour, so he can take a warband of up to 15 models; he also has the spirit keyword which grants nearby Angmar orcs the Terror special rule, making it a bit more difficult for the enemy to charge into their ranks.

Anyways, thanks for reading and take care.