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Lockdown Gaming, pt4: Catherine: Full Body

These last few weeks have seen me resorting to gaming a lot in the evenings, as I’m finding it restorative in a way. After 12-hour days with the kids in lockdown, a few hours of video games tends to be the way to end the day, along with the usual bout of working on my Word Bearers.

I’ve been using this time to work through some of my backlog on the PS4 (though I’ve been bashing through a stack of games on Steam as well), but wanted to discuss a title that myself and one of my best friends found in a game shop by complete accident many years back. This was back when we shared a flat and would often pick up coop games to trawl through. We found the original Catherine and after reading the back of the box and seeing how insane it was, we bought it.

Catherine is a Japanese puzzle game with a bizarre story revolving around a guy who cheats on his girlfriend (Katherine) with this stranger he meets in a bar (also Catherine). During the night, he finds himself dragged into a nightmare where he must climb ever-disintegrating towers or die in the real world, a fate shared by many men in the story.

The premise is odd, granted. It was even stranger to find a game that we had never seen or heard of before, nestled amongst the standard fare of brown-filtered modern shooters. We were both mesmerised by it at the time, especially as it shifted from romance to horror and back again, complete with multiple different endings. I picked up Catherine: Full Body this year, which is a kind of rehash with some added story beats and a new character thrown into the mix.

So far, it’s as fantastic as the original was and it’s helped me to recapture that magic of playing it a few years back. It forever sticks in my head not just because it’s one of my favourite games but also because it’s one of those games that appeared out of the woodwork and forced you to take a chance on. For me, it sits alongside games like Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake as being a sleeper title that stuck around in my mind longer than I thought they would have.

That’s all for this instalment anyways. I hope you’re all well, and take care.

Lockdown Gaming, pt3: Final Fantasy VII Remake

I’ve been focusing on my uni work for the past few weeks, and only have maybe three weeks left of coursework to complete for this term. However, two crucial games were due to be released early April that were remakes of PS1 classics that my 11-year old self poured many hours into. The first was Resident Evil 3, the second being Final Fantasy VII.

Problems with mail meant that my copy of RE3 arrived nearly a week late and FFVII arrived a full week early, so I was lucky enough to get stuck into this from 3rd April. As interviews articles, videos and the back of the box have stated, this is only the first of what is the “Final Fantasy VII Remake project” and is meant to cover the section of the game in Midgar.

I was looking forward to causing carnage in the combat sections and exploring more of the world beyond the demo’s boundary. It’s breathtaking how much thought, detail and care have been put into the game. The industrial city of Midgar is both faithful to the original but also expanded upon, a welcome return to a game world that I’ve longed to explore once again.

I don’t want to say too much though. If you’re a fan of the original and are curious then give the demo a try and see. The game itself is a nugget of nostalgia that has reminded me of what it’s like to be excited about a game release again- in a sense it’s like feeling like I’m 11 years old all over again.

As always, let me know what your thoughts are. I hope you’re all well.

A little light reading

My new job has been keeping me fairly busy, but in the background there’s been a few different ideas going on as to what I want to build and paint. I’m thinking about taking a break from the Space Marines for a little while, as I have been painting the Relictors for about a year now and Space Marines in general for a fair few.

This isn’t a massive change to be honest, I mean if you look at the Chaos Space Marine squad- well, they’re more like tactical marines, and in essence more like Space Marines than Space Marines are at the moment. They can, at least take weapons options and can ride in a rhino. I’m not really getting the whole Primaris thing right now, and I’ve painted a few of them a enjoyed it to an extent, but maybe it was just because I was painting something (slightly) different.

I started thinking about building an Emperor’s Children army some time ago, but I’ve been considering it seriously for a little under a week now. I grabbed the codex and actually really like the variety of options. There are cheap, crappy troops to field en masse (I love cheap, crappy troops options), some twisted Warp creatures to throw in, you have your marines too, both noise and otherwise….

It’s still kind of in the planning stage, and I can’t start as I’m off on holiday next week. I am definitely going to keep this one from getting out of control though. Thinking maybe starting with noise marines and taking baby steps, get a very small force on the go and jump into some gaming quickly. If I can get an Emperor’s Children force together in a couple of months and start playing again by autumn, well, maybe it’s a goal I can work toward.

The Relictors will still be a focus as well, like I mentioned before I have the sternguard veterans nearly ready and a vindicator in the wings. I’ll see how things develop in the next week!

Pulling Out the Heavies from the Bitz Box

In the last few days I’ve been basing a lot of marines, and the weather has been nice enough to get them primed. Seeing as there’s been some progress over the last week with painting up the first of two tactical squads, I thought I would take a break this evening and have a search through my bitz box.

I’m not 100% sure that I even like going in there sometimes, but it had to be done. There’s tactical sprues propping up the lid, balancing on top of a sprue of Grey Knight weaponry, nestled among some old command squad bitz, and it’s just an eyesore. That being said, there’s some usable stuff in there and it was time to get these pieces into play. Finding some parts for the sergeant was easy as there tends to be loads of leftovers when it comes to building a squad leader, however at this point in time I am undecided on what left hand to give him.

So I started thinking what a small 1,000 point army might need, and one thing was heavy support. I knew there were a couple of devastator sprues kicking about, at least one of the older and one of the newer, and that they would still have their lascannons intact (in a previous Space Marine army I veered away from them, too pricey), and also found some of the heads from the newer kit too.

The leftovers from the Blood Angel tactical kit provided the legs and some torsos, while my small stash of Dark Angel and Chaos accessories added that darker, more gothic feel to the squad. This ties them in with the general feel of the rest of the troops at least. A spur-of-the-moment move came from taking the heavy weapon specialist from the Dark Vengeance box and fitting a lascannon to his stout frame, but he fits in reasonably well with the rest of the guys.

I’m pleased with how these four turned out- true, there’s nothing adventurous here but it cleared out some of the bitz box, rid me of some sprues (I can close the bitz box properly now) and provided this small army with a heavy support choice that I would probably have shelled out £20 for. All that’s left is to go scavenging for pieces of the fifth marine and they’ll be done- I just really, really hate building lascannons, and it’s quite late in the day.

Next time I’ll be showing an update of the first of two tactical squads, and will share some of the Chapter lore too. Thanks for visiting!

Into the Vault

I’ve just come back to 40k after a few years now, having been inspired upon discovering some old issues of White Dwarf and a bitz box overflowing with gubbins whilst preparing to move house. This started the wheels in motion for a new project, although it wasn’t until flicking through the battered pages of issue #295 that it came better into focus.  The Chapter Approved in this issue was that of the Relictors, a Chapter that was quite unknown to me but seemed to have a sinister backstory.


The Chapter is known for their studying and wielding of daemon weapons in combat, a practice that was somewhat encouraged by a radical Inquisitor after the Space Marines helped to slay a Champion of Chaos with his own sword. Throughout their time in the 40k universe, they have killed Inquisition forces for daemon weaponry; they famously ignored ally orders during the Third War for Armageddon, in order to hold position near a suspected relic location; and finally, after being excommunicated, they managed to give the slip to the mighty Grey Knights, despite taking heavy casualties at their hands.

You can expect some ramblings, some rants about the game, a good chunk of lore on the Relictors, including their history, homeworld, beliefs and war style, and there will be some battle reports coming up in the future too. Reading these old White Dwarf issues is giving me some idea of how I would like this small army to develop. Feel free to share any comments or questions in the coming weeks and I’ll be sure to get back to you.