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WIPs for June

I’ve been interested in putting together some Possessed marines lately, as my Word Bearers could use a bit of a melee boost. The problem is that the Possessed kit badly needs an update, but GW have relapsed into Ultramarines again with the birth of the new edition.

I found maybe half of the Possessed kit to be usable at least, so mixed this with some current Chaos marines. I have a squad of 5 at the moment, but here’s a shot of the two I’ve painted the armour for, including a Greater Possessed:

The main area of focus has been trying to finish up the Terminator Lord and second squad of Word Bearers marines. I started with the champion and marine with plasma gun, aiming to get to get all the plasma done in one go. They are quite close to being finished overall, with just tiny details needing done. As for the Chaos Lord, he had to be worked on in chunks because of how awkwardly spiky the model is. I finished the back section of his armour along with his cape so he could be fully assembled at last!

In the coming week I hope to find the time to get these three brought up to speed and continue on their Possessed brethren. Painting tends to be relaxing and really enjoyable, it’s just getting started that’s the hard part. Hopefully we can return to some form of normality in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all staying safe.

Followers of the Word, pt.3

I can safely say I’m glad this week is over and done with. I’ve had little time to do anything hobby-related but with the arrival of a package from eBay I decided to take the evening for myself, and do a brief update!

So I ordered the greater possessed from the Shadowspear set earlier in the week because I’ve been wanting to add more monstrosities to my Word Bearers, and the models themselves are awesome. Also, having painted most of my helbrute I have a hankering to try more weird fleshtones and figured that this pair would lend themselves to a goal like this.

After building these guys, I continued on with painting the rhino and some of the rank and file Chaos Space Marines with the aim of wrapping up work on a squad of 5. There’s a piece of uni coursework due for later next week, after which I intend to take more hobby time. With some of my Word Bearers, it’s a case of just needing a base completed; with others it’s a decal here and there. Either way, there are a few just teetering on the brink of being finished!


On another note, my daughter got a plaster figure of Elsa with a magazine (along with some little paints and a brush) and she painted this up herself the other day. It was a really cool thing to see when I came home from work, and I was really impressed with how neat she painted it!

That’s all for this instalment, thanks for reading.