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Hobby update (27th September)

September is proving to be extremely busy at work, and just in general, for reasons I’m not sure about. The days are flying past and it doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day right now.

I’m also about to begin a new term of Open University this week, which (if all goes well) will be my last year of studying. This week has a lot crammed in, but I still managed to grab an hour tonight to work on some minis that are needing that push over the line.

I’ve been working on my Imperial Guard Sentinel first, as this required two drybrushes; one to bring the colour up after the ink wash, and one for highlighting the ridges and edges. I also picked on some details with the thin brush, but need to go back and fill in some here or there. There’s also some decals to add that will help with the monotone look of the walker.

Secondly, I’ve been basing the Elves in my list. These have been a mix of Wood Elves of Lothlorien and some of the High Elves of Rivendell, but all united under the same banner as minis that I bring out every painting session and never actually base.

The same goes for the Galadhrim Knights, a box of minis I bought some time back because I loved the look of them. They fit in quite nicely as harassment miniatures in the Lothlorien force.

Lastly, I was finishing up two Rangers, and working on a third for part 3 of my “Rangers of the North” posts. These guys are coming along gradually, and I’m mixing up the colours of them as I go to keep the figures fresh. There’s a lot of repeated poses with these guys so I felt it was necessary to give them a bit of a tweak here and there.

Anyways, thanks always for reading, and have a great week.


Hobby update (30th August)

Just a brief update today. I’ve been chipping away at the LOTR minis for a little while now, and am finally pushing some of these figures close to, or over, the finish line. For my painting session tonight, I thought I would snap a few of these.

First up is the latest Rangers I have been working on. These guys are an all-hero army in the Middle-Earth Strategy game, so they are a pretty small force. I’m mixing in some Dúnedain models and plastic Ranger troops to bulk out the numbers. You might recognise Strider on the left there, as well.

I’m keeping a small palette of colours for these guys, including mixing up some colours to give a few of the Rangers grey cloaks. It’s not removing the uniformity from them completely, but I guess it breaks up all the dark green to an extent.

Aragorn and some half-finished Dúnedain

One model I did finish tonight is the Rivendell banner bearer. This Elf has been waiting patiently in the queue for a good while, and now he is finally done! I intend to post some group pics of my Rivendell Elves when I have the last of the warriors done.

Rivendell banner bearer (all done!)

As always, thanks for reading, and catch you next time.

Lady Galadriel

These last few weeks, I’ve made it my goal to power through my Elves, in particular my Lothlorien force. The leader I chose back when starting this army was Lady Galadriel, one of the characters I found most interesting in the films and books.

I got this mini, “the Protectress of Lothlorien”, (as it was called) version, on eBay ages ago for next to nothing. Figuring it to be the moment when she is giving her dark queen speech to Frodo by the mirror, I decided to give her the laziest paint job I could, and kept her in various shades of grey. This also served the purpose of making her stand out more from the rank and file Wood Elves around her, but also show the more terrifying side of her that her enemies seem to fear.

In terms of paints, Galadriel was primed with grey, washed with Nuln Oil, drybrushed with grey again, and some light white highlights applied. Her hair is Rakarth Flesh with a wash, and her flesh is Dawnstone. That was it.

The Elves in these pics have all been batch-painted so have just been completed in one little group. I’ve been working with a small palette, mixing and matching clothing and cloak colours as I do when painting Orcs. It’s a good feeling seeing more colour come into this army now, and less blank, primed miniatures. They’ve been very satisfying and relaxing to paint up.

The Sentinel is an important model for a Lothlorien army, being able to essentially cast a spell without using Will. They can be a nuisance for potentially moving an enemy model in any direction (should they fail a courage test), and seem worth having as a support mini.

My Lothlorien list as it stands is to have Galadriel running with 18 Wood Elves with throwing weapons, and Haldir leading a bow-heavy warband with some Galadhrim sword & shield support too. The Sentinel will be in there somewhere too.

But anyway, thanks again for reading, and take care.

Another Elves WIP

Tonight I managed to crack on with my Elves, which I’d been putting off due to needing a slight paint restock. I have been working on my Lothlorien Wood Elves and Galadhrim, mainly focusing on the bow-wielding warriors that I intend on running in a warband with Haldir.

I’ve been trialling the Galadhrim with a colour scheme I found in The Fall of Gondolin by Tolkien. In a piece of artwork, the Elves of the city were shown wearing outfits of this scheme, and their armour resembled Galadhrim armour quite closely, so it felt like a good opportunity to try this out.

The Wood Elves I worked on tonight were mainly just base-jobs, and I was doing some of the final detail work on the Sentinel model as well. There’s still detail work to be done with this one, but she’s getting there.

I’ve been enjoying working on Lothlorien; I love the models and their ruleset, and in the world of LotR I am a huge Elf fan as it is. My main goal is to get Haldir’s and Galadriel’s warbands wrapped up and start getting games in, whenever that will be.

Thanks for reading, and take care.

Elves WIP

I got a few washes done on a handful of Wood Elves, and some drybrushing done on Galadriel this eve. I’ve been pretty much just batch-painting these Lothlorien troops and have a heap that are a few small details from being finished.

I also picked away at a few details on Glorfindel too. He is the main hero from my Rivendell list, which is mainly centred around himself and Cirdan leading a bunch of troops as they did around the Battle of Forenost in the Third Age. Glorfindel is one of my favourite characters from the book, just being a mighty Elven hero that scares the hell out of the wraiths.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

Hobby update (18th June)

I spent part of my working week staring at the cabinet between emails, trying to figure out what needs painted in what order. There are a few models that need a shove ahead of the others, and I grabbed a bundle of troops that need some progress made.

So I was working on my Rivendell Elf banner bearer, trying to find a pattern to freehand that wouldn’t be too hard on my hands or eyes. In the end, I just winged it. Still have the other side to do, but that can wait until next session.

I also continued work on my Wood Elves. These guys are intended to be used either for Rivendell (as part of Gildor Inglorion’s warband), or for a separate Lothlorien ally warband, whichever calls for it. I enjoy painting these guys, much like the Orcs; their paint schemes can be a mix and match job, while still maintaining a hint of uniformity.

There’s a real hankering to get a game of LOTR soon, and the Elves are the army I would like to learn the most, whether it be Rivendell or Lothlorien (or mix of both). I like the Elven shooting and movement, and though the Wood Elves are kinda squishy, their troops seem generally high quality.

Finally, this last pic is of the horn-bearer from the Minas Tirith faction. I’ve been having a shit time with Finecast lately, mainly because it is so dreadful. Tonight, this guy’s sword snapped clean off while I was working on him. I’m going to remove one of the warriors of Minas Tirith troop’s spear hand and give it to this guy, but it’ll have to wait until my new bottle of super glue arrives.

Finecast is honestly a piece of trash. Is it any more detailed than the plastic kits these days? I’m not so sure. Is it any cheaper to make than metal minis? Again, I don’t know. But it certainly puts me off buying certain kits in the future because of how wonky it is; kits with spearmen seem like a no-go if this shit is involved, and between the sword snapping on my Gondor captain, the long blade being nastily bent on my Knight of the White Tower, now this… That’s three minis from the Gondor Commander box set, all Finecast btw, that have broken.

But there you have it. I made good progress tonight, and can sit back with a whisky as a result. Finecast will still be absolute trash in the morning, but I have an idea to fix up these flimsy minis next week after my resupply.

Until next time, take care, and thanks for reading.

Hobby update (5th June)

Welcome back, and here we are for another hobby update. As always, I am working through my piles of miniatures, this time mainly those in the Lord of the Rings tabletop game.

This evening, I was working on one of my warbands for my Minas Tirith army; Beregond and a pair of Citadel Guards. I drybrushed some highlights onto the guards, before filling in Beregond’s armour with Leadbelcher (as he was a few steps behind his colleagues). At the end, I gave him a Nuln Oil wash all over, with the intention to drybrush his armour next time, as well as fill in his flesh tones and hair.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of drybrushing using this Gandalf miniature from the Fellowship kit I got a year or two ago. While it was a technique I leaned heavily on for pretty much every one of my armies, I am a little out of practice with everything. I’ve been working with various tones of grey, highlighting with Dawnstone. These new Fellowship models are fairly ugly in comparison to the ones that were doing the rounds back in the early 2000s when I was in my teens, but the reason I picked up the new(ish) kit at all was for using members of the Fellowship as allies in themed armies.

With my small Rivendell force, I could either ally in Gandalf for magic support, or bring in Frodo, Sam and Pippin alongside Gildor Inglorion and his Noldorin Exiles, as in chapter 3 of the book. Alternatively, Aragorn and a few rangers could accompany the Rivendell elves as a scouting party, much as they did in the book before the Fellowship left Elrond’s home.

I’ve stuck with the same scheme for my Rivendell elves, with the grey sash, green cloaks and silver/gold armour. The wood elves (available through the inclusion of Gildor in a Rivendell list) are more individual, though I have opted to keep their colour pool small so there is some coherency among them.

So this evening was about getting a few of the minis across the finish line; one tiny detail on some, basing with the others, and a few that are just in the early stages of painting up. I completed a warrior of Minas Tirith by finishing off his shield (did not photo him because that would have been too sensible), based two of my wood elves, tidied up a base coat on Cirion and an Osgiliath veteran, painted then shaded Gandalf’s skin, and worked on the armour of a few other models, that of Beregond, the Citadel Guard, and a trio of Rivendell elves.

I’m happy with the progress today, and have enjoyed painting again. Jumping back in felt a little scary at first, but it was ultimately relaxing and fun. I do have to apologise for the less-than-stellar pics; whereas the old kitchen was lit up with 12 spotlights in lieu of having a small window, our kitchen in this new place has just two ceiling lamps, but large glass backdoors that obviously let in additional light. I might need to get a small personal lamp for painting, but until then the pics are mostly me experimenting with where the hell the best light is coming from!

Until next time, thanks for reading. Take care.

Hobby update (10th November)

I’ve been keeping on top of my painting over these last few weeks, making some progress with a fair few of my Lord of the Rings minis. First is the mighty Glorfindel for the Rivendell force. This is the mini that comes in a blister with Gildor, and has more exaggerated features than many of the LotR models in my cabinet. I do love the character of Glorfindel and wanted to give him a decent paintjob, especially as he is to be the leader of my Rivendell Elves.

I’ve kept his colour scheme in line with the High Elves in my Rivendell force, such as the light grey tunic and green cloak, and kept his hair a quite light blonde for contrast. He was a fun model to paint, and I gave him a snowy base to match the Elves. I mentioned in a previous post about my Angmar and Rivendell army having snowy bases as it was the idea initially to paint them as if they were at the Battle of Fornost.

Next is one of my Warriors of Minas Tirith. These guys looks very similar in terms of details, so I will just show one that is recently finished. I’ve been keeping them uniform and trying to make their painting as basic as possible to maximise how fast I’m turning them around (like I say, they are very samey and there are over 20 of them). Not much else to say here; their scheme copies over for the likes of Boromir in his Minas Tirith armour too.

The Rangers of Gondor are more interesting to paint, with much more detail and interest to their minis. I’m batch-painting these guys in groups of 4, and slightly changing their scheme per 4 troops completed. This is to give them a more rag-tag and less uniform appearance, as they appear in the films. There are obviously similar colours connecting them to the rest of the unit (green cloaks/brown leather armour), but the tones of some of the smaller details can be switched without deviating too far.

That is all for this update, anyways. Along with the troops for the Minas Tirith army, I am working on Boromir and his many miniature forms. Work has been tiresome and the house is just absolute chaos right now, but I am hoping to get a lot more of these Gondor figures finished before Christmas arrives.

Thanks for reading, and take care.

A more recent progress update

It’s been nearly 2 months since I posted last, and I have been using the time to work on writing projects. I’ve had 5 pieces published in the last couple of months, so it’s been getting off to a great start.

In recent weeks, I’ve picked up a paintbrush and started working on my LotR armies once again. A recent addition to my Angmar force has been the lovely cave troll, as I felt they needed some muscle in the army. I managed to get him primed this afternoon before the thunderstorm, and after filling in his belly with plastic putty. I’m surprised he is still holding together; Army Painter’s super glue is mighty strong, I’ll say that much.

So far, I’ve given him a blue ink wash and I intend on giving his belly and underarms some fleshy tones when he dries.

As for the troops, I am still painting orcs and elves. The orcs just need alternating between colours to give them that variety; the elves are a massive line of identical troops that I’m trying not get bogged down with. I like the effect when they are all together though, they do properly radiate light, as elves should!

The model at the front is Cirdan, a minor hero for Rivendell. I actually found him on a genuine model shop site, brand new, for £8. I snapped him up instead of being ripped off by everyone on eBay, and have been painting him in similar colours to my troops. I love how much detail he has as a model, and always looks so dignified no matter what haha.

There are a number of extra models that I purchased during the last few months for LotR that I will show in subsequent posts. I also managed to finish my mounted Witch-king, but still need to take the pics for that one. It’s been relaxing getting back into painting and modelling, and not feeling so much of a chore as it kind of did in June. A rest has done me good I think, and I look forward to checking out all of your work that I might have missed.

As always, take care and catch you next time.

Gildor Inglorion

A month or so ago, I mentioned that I was bringing a warband of Wood Elves into my Rivendell army, which is the benefit of bringing Gildor Inglorion along. The Noldorin Exiles mentioned in the Middle-earth Army Book are meant to represent the Elves that Frodo, Sam and Pippin encounter in Chapter 3 of the Fellowship of the Ring, where Gildor inadvertently scares away a Ringwraith that is crawling at the Hobbits.

The Elf warband led by Gildor gains increased movement, making them fall somewhere in between cavalry and normal infantry in terms of movement. They can also take a host of lovely upgrades that I’ll touch on in another post, but their main benefit is their speed.

Gildor has a sword and Elven cloak, along with a decent stock of Will points and one spell, Immobilise, all for the tiny sum of 70pts. This is a pretty good deal, considering that one of Rivendell’s problems is models with high points cost, so having a hero below 100pts who can lead a warband of 12 troops means he and his Wood Elves can slot into a list without causing too much hassle.

The model itself was fun to paint; I stuck with the colours from GW’s site because they looked pretty cool, and the mix of greens and greys was what I was intending on painting the Wood Elf warriors with. The only part I’m not massively pleased with is the face. This was an unfortunate moment when I discovered that Gildor’s face is actually quite flat and lacking in many grooves to get a wash into. Despite thinning my paints, he was looking like Leatherface at one stage, and I had to strip it and start again. He’s still not 100% where I want him to be, but I fear that more tinkering would lead to catastrophe.

That’s all for now, anyway. Thanks for reading!