Citadel Guard WIP

A couple of brief shots of the Citadel Guard from my Minas Tirith horde. I don’t know why I like the look of these guys so much, they just have this moody, badass look to them that elevates them above the Warriors of Minas Tirith. I’m yet to tidy up the yellow trim on their clothes, but that detail can come towards the end. So far, I have been drybrushing some highlights onto their armour and cloaks.

My intention with the Citadel Guard are to use the spears as part of Denethor’s warband, while the bow-wielding variety will stick with Beregond’s small, 6-man warband. I enjoyed Beregond’s role in the book, and I think my love of the Citadel Guard must have come from there also.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

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