Hobby update (5th September)

I’ve been keeping up the momentum with the Minas Tirith models, finding a decent method for painting the warriors that means I can get them to a tabletop-ready stage fairly quickly. I also started working on Denethor, a model that I found on eBay for a couple of quid. The bases are done first, following one of Duncan Rhodes’s videos for making urban bases, and the models themselves take little time to complete. In the pic below, the warriors have just dried after a Nuln Oil washe, after which they were drybrushed with Leadbelcher to bring up their silver colour again.

While the washes have been drying, I’ve been putting some work into Cirdan for my Rivendell army. I decided to keep him in line with the grey sashes and green cloaks that my other Elves have, tying him in to the rest of the army. He is a very detailed miniature, making him ideal for drybrushing and achieving some highlights very easily. Cirdan seems to contrast very strongly with the wood elf warriors that I have been painting for Gildor’s warband, as the wood elf models have bugger all in the way of actual recesses, and annoyingly flat faces that I find hard to highlight!

That’s all for this hobby update, anyway. Thanks for reading, and take care.

8 thoughts on “Hobby update (5th September)

    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks very much! Agreed, a lot of the troop kits could do with an update I reckon, the Mordor Orcs as well! They haven’t changed in close to 20 years

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