More Ringwraiths of Angmar

I present my second Ringwraith post, this time for the two remaining Angmar wraiths that I have painted up the on-foot models for.

The first is the Dwimmerlaik, a mysterious Ringwraith that is particularly loathed in Rohan for giving them hassle over the years (so his bio says). He’s equipped with a two-handed sword and has an interesting ability that can force your enemy to spend multiple points of their Hero’s Might, Will or Fate reserves when within 6″ of him. He’s got a pretty heroic pose for an undead servant of Sauron, I’ll say that much.

I have also finished up the Witch-king, Mr Angmar himself. While I would say that the Witch-king is one of my favourite characters in the Lord of the Rings, this particular incarnation of him is not. I don’t really like the flail too much as it’s quite fragile and almost snapped during painting; unlike the metal Dwimmerlaik, this Witch-king is resin and was a bit of a struggle to straighten out after his journey in the mail.

In game terms, the Witch-king has plenty of options for customising him with pieces of wargear (Morgul Blade included), and he has a few steed choices like his fell beast or armoured horse. I think he’ll be really interesting to play as in the LotR battle game, as he has a host of magical powers to cause the enemy some headaches.

Both Ringwraiths were primed grey, drybrushed to pick out the highlights and then coated with black contrast paint. I then applied lighter drybrushed layers on the edges to bring them up a little more in the mix before picking out the metallic details with Leadbelcher. Like pretty much everything in my Angmar force has/will have, I finished them with some snowy bases to replicate the wintery conditions in the north of Middle-Earth.

As these guys were purchased before April, they are also additions to the “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April painting challenge hosted by Ann’s Immaterium.

Once again, thanks for reading. Stay safe, and catch you next time.

12 thoughts on “More Ringwraiths of Angmar

  1. Azazel

    Very cool and great painting on both! If it’s any consolation, the metal one is pretty wonky as well and one of those “when will it finally break off?” models…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks man. The metal one gives me some anxiety; I’ve seen some of them on eBay broken and just thought “how would I even go about mending that?!” πŸ˜„

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Steve Post author

          I wish the model was sculpted with the flail dragging on the ground beside him, it would be a hell of a lot less flimsy πŸ˜„



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