The Tainted (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” Challenge, April 2021)

I have actually managed to get something completed! Presenting for this month’s challenge by Ann’s Immaterium, I show you my Tainted model for the Lord of the Rings strategy battle game, both the mounted and on-foot versions.

The Tainted is one of my hero choices for my army of Angmar, a foul ringwraith that ebbs decay and rot from his very being. I was a fan of the paint scheme he was given in the army book, the kind of spectre-like greenish glow to his robes giving me some mad Minas Morgul vibes, and so I tried to recreate this with my own miniatures. It involved a few runs of drybrushing to build up the layers of green, followed by some dulling down with Nuln Oil. It was hard to try and find a middle ground between the robes being too garish or not showing any kind of green at all, but I ended up with a result I’m happy with.

There’s not much to say regarding this fella. His base was finished with Stirland Battlemire technical paint and some Valhallan Blizzard (which might as well be my new favourite paint!) In game terms, the Tainted is a Hero of Valour, so he can take a warband of up to 15 models; he also has the spirit keyword which grants nearby Angmar orcs the Terror special rule, making it a bit more difficult for the enemy to charge into their ranks.

Anyways, thanks for reading and take care.

8 thoughts on “The Tainted (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” Challenge, April 2021)

    1. Steve Post author

      I’ve got the Witch-King completed, though not the mounted version yet. The same with the Dwimmerlaik. I don’t have any of the others as of yet, maybe if I do a full Mordor army down the line πŸ˜…

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