Hobby Progress (4th March)

What I’ve done is title this post in a way that prevents me from using “WIP”, because that’s been pretty much my label for 2021 so far. Rest assured, this is still a WIP post. But I thought I would share what’s been going on anyway because a post with completed models would otherwise be a week or so away.

So there’s multiple things going on, many different units being worked on simultaneously, and they are all nearing the end. One is for the March 2021 painting challenge issued by Ann’s Immaterium, one is a unit of Crusaders, and there is also a Basilisk (with crew).

With the Basilisk, I’ve been going through the same stages as the Leman Russ before it, with the vast ink wash and drybrushing. I’ve never painted a Chimera chassis before, and it’s quite an interesting shape with lots of indents and nooks. The cannon is a treat for the eyes, so I’ve been trying to do it justice. I saw some 40k art that had the cannon with muzzle burn (not as much as a flamer would have, obviously), which I’ve tried to replicate in the picture below.

The Crusaders are nearing the end, as it’s just their shields and bases that require painting up. Painting “Finecast” is largely a gross affair though, so it’s a task that’s been taking a little longer. On the other hand the Basilisk’s crew will be easy enough- one is an officer and another a standard troop in flak armour, so standard army colours all round.

Thanks for reading, take care.

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