Militarum Auxilla Bullgryns

The Bullgryns are the first Elite choice for my Imperial Guard army, serving as a close combat unit and something a little more survivable than your average foot soldier.

I really enjoyed putting these guys together- the kit has a lot of options, particularly when it comes down to the head- and seeing the sheer size of the models themselves is a neat payoff once they are fully assembled. As for painting, I struggled with the trio to some degree, mainly due to their size. There really is no place to hide when mistakes are made or a wash takes a turn for the worse, and I feel like I may have spent more time correcting errors than actually painting the minis.

The hazard stripes *sigh*… they are awesome, and I appreciate that they are actually cut into the sculpt so you can see where to paint, but they were what slowed the team down. A lot of correctional work here. I think if I get another box of Bullgryns in the future, they will be given the little buckler shields. On the plus side, the trio are so joyfully cartoony and threatening that I probably would consider grabbing another box in the future.

I kept with the green fatigues and grey armour for the Bullgryns, priming them in grey and applying a few highlights to the armour and clothing. The faces were a lot of fun to work on especially.

Following on with the theme that this is a penal legion, the Bullgryns would be used as wardens in the prison complex, where their intimidating size and strength act as a deterrent for inmates plotting an escape. They’d be used to rapidly quell riots and excel in handling large crowds in close quarters.

Anyway, that’s all for this post. Take care.

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