Imperial Guard Company Commander (Fembruary Challenge 2021)

Amidst the snowy chaos of 2021, I have been working away at my Imperial Guard. So far, I have 2x HQ and 2x Troops fully painted and many more things built, but awaiting kinder weather for priming.

The mini that I’m posting about today is the Company Commander, completed for the Fembruary Challenge issued by Alex over at Leadballoony. The aim is to showcase female miniatures in this hobby, and I took this as a chance to get painting my army’s primary HQ choice.

She was created using the longcoat from the Company Command Squad box, with a laspistol and chainsword as her weapons. I wanted to deviate from the kit with regards to the head, sourcing a few Sisters Repentia heads online (this was back in November, so before my ban on bitz buying haha!). It’s a simple conversion no doubt, but one that I thought worked quite well.

The paint scheme followed the rest of the army thus far, with a green uniform and dark grey armour plates. Recently I’ve come to think of them as a penal legion, with a mixture of unsavoury types making up the infantry, and the Bullgryns and officers as their wardens; maybe the commander was an ex-gang member in her youth as well. Who better to lead a regiment of anarchists, thieves and zealots?

When starting with this army in 2020 I was keen to build more actual Guardswomen, as the kits all appeared to be male troops; the lore does talk about the “men and women of the Imperial Guard” at various intervals. Hopefully when the plastic Cadians eventually (one day) get updated- or, failing that, we get a plastic greatcoat Guard kit- there will be some female presence on the sprue.

In the mean time, thanks for reading. Take care out there.

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