Imperial Guard Sergeant (January 2021 “First of the Year” Painting Challenge)

Happy new year!

The first complete miniature of the 2021 for me is the Serge from my 2nd Infantry Squad, and so this qualifies for the January painting challenge issued by Ann’s Immaterium.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a fairly straightforward list for painting up the troops, keeping the palette to a minimum, and I’m currently batch-painting the 2nd squad in 2 chunks of 5. Various parts of the models get a wash and then some light drybrushing for the highlights, which I’ve been finding to be a lot of fun lately. I don’t know why. The whole aspect of painting has been gradually becoming more enjoyable over the last month or so, whereas I used to kind of fear it.

This Sergeant is one of a few that I built with laspistol and chainsword, due to the fact that I ran out of bolters! She has a head from the Sisters Repentia kit, giving her this grizzled veteran appearance and that look of someone who would furiously smash an enemy to bits with a chainsword. The base was done with Agrellan Earth, easily my favourite paint right now, for that desert/wasteland feel.

So this has been my first of the year, with many more to follow. At time of writing I am still building the rest of the kits from Christmas while doing some painting on the side, including working on my first HQ unit for the Guard.

In the meantime, take care and thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “Imperial Guard Sergeant (January 2021 “First of the Year” Painting Challenge)

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  2. Ann

    Nicely painted and a worthy first miniature of 2021. Also, I like all of the facial scarring on the sarge. No “back in the rear with the gear” for him!

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