Building Spree

“Point to me a Carkaillan that’s supposedly never handled a rifle; they’re either a new-born baby or a liar.” old adage in the Segmentum Tempestus.

My previous post was discussing me starting with the Imperial Guard, and since then I have been trying to settle on a colour scheme and background for my own custom regiment. I didn’t want to go with any of the existing ones because none of them seemed like a perfect fit in terms of storyline and appearance, the closest being the Savlar Chem-Dogs, but felt the urge to write something new that I could tailor as I go.

I started putting some background together with a homeworld and preferred combat style, and this started to take the form of the Carkaillan Longshots;

Hailing from the mining planet of Carkailla, the recruits of the Longshots are taken from the fierce inhabitants that dwell across the planet’s industrial cityscapes and noxious wastes. Mining for Carkaillan ore is a proud tradition among many of the planet’s inhabitants, and presents the most stable livelihood other than scavenging for archeotech in the caustic wastelands beyond the city confines.

On any given day, the miners of Carkailla must rally together to defend their tunnels from the shambling mutated hordes that stagger down from the radlands to the west, as well as any larger toxic monstrosities that manage to burrow into their network of caves. As such, the majority of men and women recruited by the Longshots tend to already have experience of fighting before they even have a lasgun thrust into their hands by the Guard.

On the building side of things, I picked up a Start Collecting boxset as the value was pretty damn good for what it offered, and have been slowly building my second squad of troops. Also in the box was a Commissar and Leman Russ tank, as well as a Heavy Weapons Team. I have since primed the first squad from the previous post and some test models (old Space Marine Scouts).

Continuing the theme of Carkaillans being exposed to toxic environments throughout their lives, I’ve included a few troops with gas masks, respirators and bandanas. I used a couple of Sisters of Battle Repentia heads to complete a female Sergeant and a Company Commander, to add diversity to the army. There’s a lot of female ‘Guard artwork that inspired this choice, and though the Repentia parts put up a fight, I feel it was worth the struggle.

That’s the end of this update. Thanks again for reading, and stay safe.

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