WIPs for June

I’ve been interested in putting together some Possessed marines lately, as my Word Bearers could use a bit of a melee boost. The problem is that the Possessed kit badly needs an update, but GW have relapsed into Ultramarines again with the birth of the new edition.

I found maybe half of the Possessed kit to be usable at least, so mixed this with some current Chaos marines. I have a squad of 5 at the moment, but here’s a shot of the two I’ve painted the armour for, including a Greater Possessed:

The main area of focus has been trying to finish up the Terminator Lord and second squad of Word Bearers marines. I started with the champion and marine with plasma gun, aiming to get to get all the plasma done in one go. They are quite close to being finished overall, with just tiny details needing done. As for the Chaos Lord, he had to be worked on in chunks because of how awkwardly spiky the model is. I finished the back section of his armour along with his cape so he could be fully assembled at last!

In the coming week I hope to find the time to get these three brought up to speed and continue on their Possessed brethren. Painting tends to be relaxing and really enjoyable, it’s just getting started that’s the hard part. Hopefully we can return to some form of normality in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re all staying safe.

4 thoughts on “WIPs for June

  1. Ann

    One thing about those marines, they don’t lack details, that’s for sure. As you say, especially that terminator captain. I like those Greater Possessed models. I’ll have to do something with mine someday.

    How do you get your Possessed where they need to be? Do you use a transport or take advantage of them being daemons and deep strike them?

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    1. Steve Post author

      The Greater Possessed are so manic with their detail that I’ll have to maybe use some form of reference while painting the flesh and bones šŸ˜„ have you got any ideas for making your ones plague-ridden?

      I have been thinking of running mine in a rhino, although I would have to trial it. I guess I figured that the chaos marines, helbrute and the wave of cultists would be in the thick of the mix to the point where they would act as a distraction… I would have to test this though šŸ¤”



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