Word Bearers Obliterators (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge)

I had accepted painting these guys as part of the Paint the Crap You Already Own! April Challenge from Ann’s Immaterium, the rules being that you had to have owned the models from before 1st April 2020. I’d recently finished work on a Helbrute and figured the Obliterators weren’t a million miles away in terms of what painting steps were required.

I decided to go with a different colour of flesh than the other Chaos Marines and the Helbrute, instead washing the Rakarth Flesh with Carroburg Crimson to achieve this mad pink. I added Druchii Violet to the recesses and some of the more bulbous areas of the skin for a bruised, infected look.

Originally coming from the Shadowspear box set, these two bastards are much like their other Chaos Space Marine kin in that they are both well-detailed and monstrous. While they look badass, the Obliterators have so much detail on their mutated backs and sides that it’s tricky to tell what’s meant to be piping, metal tubing and bullets- so much to the point where I had to consult the 360 photos on GW’s site just for clarification!

Overall, I’m fairly happy with how these guys turned out. The decals worked wonders this time around too and I was happy to be able to get some of the Colchisian runes on the armour plates for that Word Bearers finish.

There are some parts of the paintjob that I find myself coming back to and altering, but I think if I continue down this route I will probably drive myself insane. Lockdown is already making my attention span quite limited, with the constant urge to complete something (video games, models, books) and quickly move on to the next one.

Anyways, that’s all for this post. Take care and catch you next time.

15 thoughts on “Word Bearers Obliterators (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge)

  1. Ann

    Yes, those are some very nice obliterators and as Dave said, a very fine entry for the painting challenge indeed! I feel like giving them a bucket of random ammunition each, in a gravy of the blood of corpse emperor-lovers and promethium, for their dining pleasure as a thank you for gracing the electronic halls of the April challenge.

    Dang! I have that Shadowspear box nestled under my spray printing Costco coconut flour box with the whole sitting on top of some plastic rolling bins in my office. I put together the giant spider thing, the sorceror-with-horns guy, and one of the greater possessed (I think that is what he is) and then promptly forgot about the box. Heck, I’m still working on Dark Imperium and the less said about Dark Vengeance the better. If they sold a boxed set called Dark Procrastination, I’d probably buy it, put together the daemon of dilatoriness and maybe a couple marines of malingering and then forget about the whole thing!

    Anyway, your Word Bearers are great and I will definitely chant a few Litanies of Hate in their honor and fantasize about getting my poxwalker mob finally done.

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    1. Steve Post author

      Wow thanks Ann! I’m sure the Obliterators would appreciate a bucket of ammo, I can imagine that would make them very happy 😀

      Shadowspear had some great pieces in there, the spider daemon engine being one of them! I’m really impressed with what GW have done with their starter kits as of late.

      On a side note, Dark Procrastination would be an ace name for a miniature hobby blog 😄

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      1. Ann

        Yes, I agree! I think I’ve been “Ann’s Immaterium” too long to change now, but maybe I can work that into the tagline somehow. It can’t hurt to try … or, I don’t know, maybe I’ll think about it and try later.

        Yes, I love that spider daemon engine thing as well. No idea of how the rules on it are but it is aces in the book of Rules of Cool!

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        1. Steve Post author

          I’m not sure of the spider engine’s rules either tbh, but it’s a killer looking model. Would be grand to see you work your magic on the Shadowspear crew!

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