Helga & Inquisitor (WIPs)

After wrapping up work on the HQ, I decided to take a break and paint something a little bigger. For the past few weeks I have been getting around painting my Dark Vengeance helbrute, Helga, which has been a challenge in some regards as she has some much mad detail that I never even realised until putting a brush to her.

I still have to tidy up a few lines and apply a wash or two, as well as tackle the bones/tusks/horns/fangs, etc. I’m also experimenting with a red wash on sections of the flesh to add a kind of bruised effect to the model, something that I would like to use on the obliterators too if it ends up looking good.

With the monotony of painting silver trim setting in, I switched over and put some time into adding to the inquisitor model that I have in my cabinet. This guy has been one of my favourite GW models for years, and I ended up buying him either last year or the year before last during a point when GW were removing a lot of sculpts from their website. I panic-ordered him at the time, and he has been quite pleasant to paint. There’s a little way to go with him, but he’s shaping up to be not too bad. And I got to make his blade look all Chaotic, which was a bonus.

Thanks again for reading, and catch you all next time.

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