Starting up for 2020

Happy new year to you all! November and December were odd months, as although my uni work was getting more hectic, my job was getting quieter! It still felt like I was trapped under a mountain of work and could barely find any time to paint. December is a funny month, but we’re through it now and back into the swing of things.

There was some time to chip away at stuff, and I managed to make a decent start to my first Word Bearers squad of 5. I’ve been experimenting with drybrushing, adding a layer of brown and then red onto the armour, applying this across every model with armour plating. I’ve also been trying not to get massively bogged down in the detail work, so have been applying paint fairly lightly and not picking out too much detail. This is more of a favour to my sanity than anything else and ensures that these guys were completed swifter. I still need to work on the bases of this squad and get the transfers on.

The apostle has been really enjoyable to work on. I love the pose and the detail that GW put into this guy, and his followers too. He’s also been an excuse to break out the hexwraith flame in all honesty! The disciples have been painted using similar techniques as my cultist horde and are nearly done.

As for the helbrute, he/she has had the drybrushing treatment and are awaiting some light detail work before the flesh colour goes on. My plan is to wrap up the squad’s bases, finish off any work left on the apostle and his followers, and get stuck in to the helbrute.

I picked up a few more pieces for the army, although I’ll go into that next time.

I hope you all had great holidays, take care.

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