Followers of the Word

So over the last week or two, I’ve been gradually assembling the Chaos Space Marine kit. The options are fantastic and I’m taken aback by what can be done with these guys. In some regards I do still prefer to use the old heads and have mixed the squad with older armour pieces because those goofy helmets always kind of defined the Chaos marines for me years ago. I’m leaning towards grabbing a box of Havocs in the future too and seeing what goodies they come with.

I think there’s still room for improvement with the kit though: the bits were really all over the sprues and not where you’d expect them to be (little organisation to where the pieces were placed, segments no. 29 next to 74, etc), and it was like assembling some mad puzzle at times. It’s a minor gripe, but the kit really did live up to its Chaotic namesake… do follow the instructions!

The other side of the coin here is the cultists- I had a bunch of them from Dark Vengeance that have gone AWOL since moving house a year ago. GW’s most recent box of 5 only works so far (I got two of them, only built the one box in this pic) so I ended up wrangling some of the Blackstone Fortress traitor guard miniatures to bulk out the numbers and provide a flamer.

My plan with the cultists is to prime some of them black, some grey, and some red and go to town with drybrushing and washes, rather than agonising over each one; these are the cheap, crappy troops after all, and I’m really digging them. I can’t wait to see this rabble in all their menacing, filthy rags.

When the weather is nicer I intend to start priming outside. Until then, it’s a whole load of bases that need worked on! Catch you all next time.


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