Starting out- Word Bearers

I enjoyed some time off this week and managed to get away for a holiday with the family. Reading material came in the form of the CSM codex and it was quite the eye-opener. In my quest for a small project, I was reading up on the traitor legions and their histories and originally I had thought of doing an Emperor’s Children warband. After a few reads I wasn’t getting that excited about the lore; the noise marines are a badass unit, and the pink and black armour is an awesome scheme, but they’re not for me. I wanted something a bit darker and with an emphasis on both mutations and cultists in the lore.


Also, they can be a right bloody expense if you want to play noise marines! a) You have to buy the CSM squad kit, and b) buy the noise marine upgrade kit, at least 2 of them to cover a squad of 10. And also, c), when you crack open that CSM kit, the Emperor’s Children didn’t get a space on the decal sheet, so more expense if you don’t fancy freehanding. This was the final nail, as they say.

The Word Bearers offer the fanatical madness of a Chaos warband, a heavy use of zealous cult meatshields, and a dash of daemonic possession. Some parts of their lore is brutal, where they are basically punished by the Emperor for their fanatical devotion of him and driven into the arms of Chaos. I intend to do a lore chunks post some time down the line, for sure.

For now, here’s the beginnings of my humble warband. This will be staying as a small project, and I intend to be harsh with this rule! I have my helbrute from Dark Vengeance and the first few Chaos marines assembled so far and am really looking forward to slapping some paint on them all.

So yeah, watch this space!


4 thoughts on “Starting out- Word Bearers

  1. mcmattila

    Wordbearers are probably my favorite legion as well, mostle due to the lore. I’m really liking the idea of few towering marines leading a mob of crazed cultists.
    I’m looking forward to your take on the paint scheme!

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    1. Steve Post author

      Thanks man, just finished assembling the marine squad and I have some cultists in the post. I love the little snippets of Word Bearer artwork where the marines are standing over the cultists, inspiring them with their crooked speech.
      As for the paint scheme, I have some ideas for now- probably going to prime with Army Painter’s equivalent of khorne red and see what we can do from there.


    1. Steve Post author

      Yeah, it came about from the Ultramarines destroying the Word Bearer’s ‘perfect’ city, sending them off the rails. Their history is fascinating though, I’ll write one up in the same format as the Relictors one

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