A little light reading

My new job has been keeping me fairly busy, but in the background there’s been a few different ideas going on as to what I want to build and paint. I’m thinking about taking a break from the Space Marines for a little while, as I have been painting the Relictors for about a year now and Space Marines in general for a fair few.

This isn’t a massive change to be honest, I mean if you look at the Chaos Space Marine squad- well, they’re more like tactical marines, and in essence more like Space Marines than Space Marines are at the moment. They can, at least take weapons options and can ride in a rhino. I’m not really getting the whole Primaris thing right now, and I’ve painted a few of them a enjoyed it to an extent, but maybe it was just because I was painting something (slightly) different.

I started thinking about building an Emperor’s Children army some time ago, but I’ve been considering it seriously for a little under a week now. I grabbed the codex and actually really like the variety of options. There are cheap, crappy troops to field en masse (I love cheap, crappy troops options), some twisted Warp creatures to throw in, you have your marines too, both noise and otherwise….

It’s still kind of in the planning stage, and I can’t start as I’m off on holiday next week. I am definitely going to keep this one from getting out of control though. Thinking maybe starting with noise marines and taking baby steps, get a very small force on the go and jump into some gaming quickly. If I can get an Emperor’s Children force together in a couple of months and start playing again by autumn, well, maybe it’s a goal I can work toward.

The Relictors will still be a focus as well, like I mentioned before I have the sternguard veterans nearly ready and a vindicator in the wings. I’ll see how things develop in the next week!


2 thoughts on “A little light reading

  1. Raichase

    If you’re getting sick of painting grey and black, this is an excellent idea to break it up. If you’re anything like me, you can take a break with small projects of Slaanesh themed models to paint with colour, which then gives you the drive to power through the more mundane black/grey scheme of the Relictors. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up.

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    1. Steve Post author

      I totally agree, it would be a break in the monotony for one thing. It would also leave a lot of extra Chaos gubbins for the Relictors too. I’m excited about getting started, although I’m now thinking about creating a warband from scratch….



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