More WIPs

In the leadup to starting a new job, things have been quite hectic. I have been able to chip away at some painting as the days hurtle by however, and have been continuing with my sternguard veteran squad. I’ve been working on each marine’s individual details, as their armour and backpacks are studded with decorations and relics. The veteran sergeant has been the main focus of it all so far, so he’s been getting the most attention.

Simultaneously, I’ve been painting up a combat squad of intercessors. I grabbed these guys from eBay from the Dark Imperium boxset for dirt cheap, and started mixing and matching pieces after realising that everyone seems to have these monopose models in their army. I’ve only recently tried some of the Primaris range with my ancient model and have found them to be a little easier to slap paint onto than the standard marines.

So alongside the sternguard we have the intercessor combat squad on the side, and as shown in the pic an old heavy support choice in the form of a vindicator. It’s been my favourite Space Marine vehicle for years and having saved its unpainted form from a previously unfinished army, I figured it would be fun to throw on some heretical bells and whistles and let it roll into battle with its fellow Relictors.

That’s all for now, take care and catch you all next time.


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