Tactical Squad part 3

I’d since been dividing my time between building and painting, but now that both tactical squads are assembled it’s painting all the way. I’ve been enjoying working on these guys so far, it’s just finding the time to get going that’s the problem- I never seem to be away from bloody work this week!

So this is more of a WIP than anything else. The first of two squads are taking shape, with 7 of the 10 marines looking close to being finished (still need to paint bases afterwards too, different story for a different day). It feels good to have found a paint scheme that seems to be hassle-free and enjoyable too; I’d never really liked painting in the past, it always seemed quite daunting.

Pictured are the latest 4 that I’ve been working on, accompanied by the HQ. I grabbed the plasma cannon marine from the small box of my previous army, thankfully he was already primed black and could be brought in to the Relictors quickly. In a bid to make the rest of the squad look more gothic, I had dug out some extra pieces that were lying in the bitz box. These included some Grey Knights and Space Marine command squad extras, just to make them look a bit more visually interesting.

As for the Librarian- he’s a constant work in progress! I have been switching to him when the tactical marines are drying, just to break up the monotony. While it’s true I’ve just painted him like a big Relictor, he has some features that stand out- his daemon staff for one thing! I spent a little time tidying up some of the paintwork on his armour and robes, and put in some time on the sergeant as his armour is more decorated than the other troops.

I shall keep updating as I go along, many thanks for reading.


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