Tactical Squad WIP

This is just a brief work in progress to wrap up today. So I’ve been painting the first of two tactical squads for the past few weeks, starting with a group of five marines. I tested out the paint scheme on a couple of Dark Vengeance marines a while back, trying varying shades of grey and different colours of primer to see what would look closest to GW’s picture of a Relictor marine:


Relictors Chapter colour scheme- White Dwarf #295, Games Workshop.

I’ve been relying on washes quite a lot to add more depth to the armour through shading, rather than relying on a regime of agonising edge-highlighting that I used to have to suffer through painting my Black Templars all those years ago! It’s been quite interesting painting in this way, using more of the washes and trying out some of the lesser used paint pots. I even found a pot of ‘undercoat black’ by GW that gives everything a shiny black liquid coat- perfect for shoulder pads, and potentially a daemon blade some time down the line.


I was looking forward to painting up the marine with the Chaos plasma gun, so had a crack at him not long after starting. I had my eye on this guy as part of Azazel’s Technical August Challenge, giving me practice with painting plasma glow and drybrushing (which I’ve somehow managed to become rubbish at after a couple of years out the hobby- dunno how). As for the rest of this evening, I managed to clean up some stray paint marks on the guys, add some shading to everyone’s purity seals and even put some time in to the Terminator Librarian, who has joined his grey-armoured brethren and is just awaiting some much needed metal colouring.

I’ll update with more pics as we progress through the weekend. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “Tactical Squad WIP

  1. kennynines

    Terminator Librarian? Sweet! The game hadn’t evolved to that point when I was playing. I had Mephiston and he got the job done, and the terminators with assault cannons and chain fists were as good as any five enemies. The last I saw, the game had levelled out a bit, so it must be pretty savage now. I’ve got a big bag of assorted creatures coming my way and I’m picking the bugs out of the rules, so my monsters vs. yokels game should hit the table around mid September. Pictures soon.

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    1. dreadaxegames Post author

      Aye Terminator Librarians are pretty cool, I do fancy a Librarian Dreadnought though- you might like that! I think the game is going a bit haywire with all the factions but I’ve always just been a Space Marine player, got the guns and boots on the ground to cope!

      Cool to hear about your game btw, very excited to see some pics 👍

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